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Cabo San Lucas for Families Seeking Adventure

DESTINATION | Published on 13/11/2019
Optimizada things to do in cabo san lucas

There are countless things to do in Cabo San Lucas, especially if you are looking for adventure. The city is bursting with adrenaline-pumping Cabo attractions that are suitable for the whole family. If you and your loved ones are seeking non-stop excitement and fun things to do with family on your next vacation, be sure to include a few of these Cabo San Lucas activities in your itinerary.

1. Riding Camels Through the Desert

One of the most unique Cabo activities is a camel safari. It’s the only place in North America where you can ride camels through the desert and along the beach. At the end of your ride, experience Mexican culture and learn how to make handmade tortillas.

2. Rugged ATV Fun

If your kids are looking for a wild ride, ATVing is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Fly over rugged trails and climb rocky ridges to see the beauty of the mountains and sea.

3. Go Parasailing

If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Cabo San Lucas, take in the sights of the city from above. For a bird’s eye view, soar over the sea while parasailing.

4. Ride on the Yellow Submarine

For kids who aren’t old enough to swim or snorkel, the Yellow Submarine with a below-deck viewing station is the perfect way to explore the sea and it is one of the safest Cabo activities for little kids.

5. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing on the ocean is an experience like no other and it is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas when you’re looking for adventure but haven’t booked a tour. Splash across waves, and soar towards the horizon. As mom or dad drives, kids can have the ride of their life.

6. Ziplining Over Canyons

Fearless kids with a need for speed will love the rush of ziplining from canyon to canyon. Even for adults, this is one of the most popular Cabo San Lucas activities.

7. Snorkeling in the Sea

Strap on a snorkel, and explore a whole new world under the sea. With a lifejacket, kids of all ages can enjoy one of the top Cabo activities.

8. Go Whale Watching

From December-March, one of the most famous Cabo San Lucas activities is whale watching. Kids’ eyes will fill with wonder as they watch whales surface from the depths of the sea.

9. Sail with Pirates

Sailing the sea with pirates may not sound like one of the safest things to do with family, but here in Cabo, the pirates are friendly and the adventures exciting. Set sail on the Buccaneer Queen to discover the wonders of the sea. This is by far one of the most fun things to do in Cabo San Lucas. 

10. Swimming with Dolphins

Marine life is one of the main Cabo attractions, and swimming with dolphins can make your kids’ dreams come true.

11. Sport Fishing

Cabo is known for the biggest fishing tournament payouts in the world. Deep-sea fishing is one of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas for travelers of all ages.

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