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How to Get to Cabo Pulmo National Park?

DESTINATION | Published on 30/03/2020
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It’s not just the luxury resorts and lively downtown that make Cabo San Lucas one of the top Mexico vacation destinations. It’s the waters around the Baja Peninsula filled with wonders and teeming with sea life that make trips to Los Cabos so exciting. Some of the most incredible sites to visit are outside the city limits. Cabo Pulmo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an area of the Sea of Cortez filled with coral reefs and it’s home to whale sharks, manta rays, and hundreds of tropical fish. Since it’s over 90km away, it’s important to figure out the best way to get from Los Cabos to Cabo Pulmo Mexico in advance, but once you do, you won’t regret what is likely to become one of your fondest memories. 

Where is Cabo Pulmo?

Cabo Pulmo National Park, a marine reserve in the Sea of Cortez, sits 62 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula. This stunning location, which is protected by federal laws and regulations, is the idyllic place to experience the best of Baja’s natural beauty and diverse marine life.

How to Get to Cabo Pulmo from Los Cabos

When it comes to how to get to Cabo Pulmo from Los Cabos, taxis are the easiest way for many travelers. Taxis offer secure and reliable transportation services in Los Cabos, and when you’re looking for the best way to get from Los Cabos to Cabo Pulmo, they’ll take you straight there. To save a little money on your trip, one of the options for how to get to Cabo Pulmo from Los Cabos is to take the local bus partway to San Jose del Cabo and then taxi on from there. Once you’re in Cabo Pulmo Mexico, you can relax on the beach or snorkel around the vibrant coral reefs. Since Cabo Pulmo National Park has one of the country’s largest reefs and is quickly becoming one of the popular Mexico vacation destinations, it’s important to wear biodegradable sunscreen so that harmful chemicals don’t destroy the coral. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to easily take a taxi either back to San Jose or straight to your resort, and since the drivers already know the answer to where is Cabo Pulmo, you won’t have to worry about directions. 

If you want more freedom to explore, there are several car rental Los Cabos options. Keep in mind as you browse rental transportation services in Los Cabos, the prices do not include insurance, and while many credit cards include rental insurance, this may not apply in foreign countries. Once you’ve selected your car rental, Los Cabos is open for exploration, and you can easily visit Cabo Pulmo any day you want. When you look up where is Cabo Pulmo, you’ll see that it’s a little over two hours from the city. There’s also two main routes for how to get to Cabo Pulmo from Los Cabos, and while one is technically a few less kilometers, the quality of the road on the longer route makes it quicker. If you have your own car rental, Los Cabos and the surrounding area is at your fingertips, and you’re free to stop in San Jose del Cabo or Miraflores on your way to visit Cabo Pulmo Mexico. 

The easiest way to Cabo Pulmo National Park is on a guided tour, and when you book a trip with Cabo Adventures, some of the most knowledgeable experts will show you why this area of the sea is such an ecological rich spot. With transportation services in Los Cabos, it’s easy to head out for a day of adventure. Once you’re there, a local captain will take you out to the best spots to snorkel through what Jean Cousteau, the legendary marine biologist and explorer, once called the aquarium of the world. Spot giant grouper, eels, manta ray, and even gentle whale sharks before sitting down to a delicious lunch provided with your tour. For those looking for transportation, food, and a snorkeling trip, this guided tour is the best way to get from Los Cabos to Cabo Pulmo.

Thousands of travelers look up where is Cabo Pulmo and how to get there every year, and since it’s so close to one of the biggest Mexico vacation destinations, day trips here are a popular choice for those looking to swim in pristine waters and walk along virgin beaches. On your next vacation, be sure to visit Cabo Pulmo to escape crowded beaches and discover the ecological diverse waters of the Sea of Cortez.

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