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5 Reasons to Gift Experiences This Holiday Season

DESTINATION | Published on 29/11/2019
Optimizada cabo san lucas vacation

Whether you’re making holiday travel plans for a Cabo San Lucas vacation or enjoying the simplicity of staying home, gift giving is a timeless tradition and a way to show your family how much you value them. This year, one of the growing trends is to gift experiences rather than material things. Giving concert tickets, restaurant gift cards, or exciting tours creates more meaningful presents, and for those taking Cabo all inclusive vacations, it’s a smart way to minimize packing. As you plan your Cabo holiday, let these reasons to gift experiences enrich your vacation.

Counting Down the Days

While the anticipation of traveling to one of the best holiday destinations will keep you warm all winter long, gifting experiences adds to the excitement. Looking forward to the gift of tours, activities, and dinners on Cabo vacations is an extra bonus that excites people more than material gifts. Rather than putting sweaters and socks under the Christmas tree, put a card for swimming with dolphins on your Cabo San Lucas vacation or a gift certificate to one of the restaurants you want to try on your Cabo holiday.

Spending Quality Time Together

One of the top reasons to gift experiences is spending quality time together, and in the best holiday destinations, there’s plenty of unique activities and thrilling tours to share. Rather than playing with separate toys on Cabo all inclusive vacations, kids can laugh and scream together as they ride camels through the desert or zip line through the mountains. Interacting with each other and strengthening your family bond is probably why you chose to take a Cabo holiday, so why not add in chances to do that while you’re staying in one of the most exciting Mexico holiday destinations?

Cluttering the House with Less Stuff

After the holidays, the house seems filled with leftover cookies, empty boxes, and piles of already forgotten new toys. Giving your loved ones experiences equals less stuff to clutter the house while still having something to enjoy. Instead of bringing home lots of new books, crafts, and games from your Cabo San Lucas vacation, you’ll have photos and memories of exploring one of the best Mexico holiday destinations

Creating Priceless Memories

Memories of Cabo vacations last a lifetime, and while most new clothes and toys will eventually be discarded, you’ll always be able to think back on the experiences you had in Cabo. In the long run, gifting tours and adventures creates less waste, and people will remember their Cabo all inclusive vacations and experiences long after their interest in a certain toy dies off or they outgrow their new shoes. The memories of holiday travel are a priceless and timeless gift for everyone on your list.

Discovering Greater Value

While the latest phone or video game may cost more than adventures in the best holiday destinations, most people consider the overall value of experiences to be greater than material gifts. Experiences are personalized, bringing the giver and receiver closer together, and the value of creating memories together on Cabo vacations can’t be measured.

While holiday travel isn’t the only reason to gift experiences, it’s a smart way to build more meaningful connections and memories while cutting down on the amount of stuff to pack. Kids will likely forget what they got for Christmas in a few months, but they’ll always be able to remember the way you drove the RZR through the desert or the boat ride you went on together.

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