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Reasons to Spend Christmas Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

DESTINATION | Published on 03/12/2021
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With its sunny weather and outdoor adventures, Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places to spend Christmas vacation without missing out on the holiday festivities. It has a combination of traditional celebrations and unique activities that make Christmas vacation in Cabo San Lucas a special time of year. By getting away for Christmas in Cabo, you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones as you create lifelong memories, which is what the season is all about. With these reasons to spend your holidays in the sun, you’ll be inspired to jet off to paradise this year.

The Warm Cabo San Lucas Weather in December

The Cabo San Lucas weather in December is some of the best of the year. The humidity of summer has been washed away by fall rains, leaving the city with clear skies and mild temperatures. It’s this weather that makes Christmas in Cabo a popular time of year for tourists, and it even attracts migratory humpback and blue whales. Like other travelers, they spend Christmas vacation in Cabo San Lucas with their families, so rather than spending your days bundled up inside, you can stroll the beach and try to spot newborn calves splashing in the safe waters just off the coast.

Holiday Traditions

Mexico is traditionally a Catholic country, and Christmas in Cabo centers around the birth of Jesus. Throughout town, you’ll see nativity scenes and hear carols as families head to church. Twinkling lights and wreaths make the streets bright and cheerful, and while the ocean breeze keeps everything warm, you’ll see traditional decorations heralding the arrival of Christmas vacation in Cabo San Lucas. If going to church is one of the typical family things to do on Christmas for you, there are several local services that welcome travelers from around the world.

Quality Family Time

The holidays often wind up rushing past us in a blur of shopping, cleaning, and attending different events, so sometimes the best places to spend Christmas take you away from the hustle and bustle of the season. On a Cabo vacation, you’ll be able to slow down and appreciate quality time with your family. The variety of things to do in Cabo San Lucas gives you endless opportunities for new adventures together, like snorkeling with tropical fish or ziplining in the mountains. Without having to worry about grocery shopping and cooking, you’ll sit around the table every night for a leisurely dinner of authentic Mexican food and fresh seafood. It’s savoring these moments and spending time together that are truly the most important family things to do on Christmas.

Give the Gift of Travel

Exchanging gifts has always been a way for families and friends to celebrate the holidays and their relationships. However, all too often, kids outgrow their new sweaters, and toys get forgotten about after a while. The idea of giving experiences has become a meaningful way to avoid accumulating more stuff and a way to build lifelong memories. Surprising your kids by giving them a day out with a Cabo tour will be a gift they’ll never forget. There’s so many unique options for family things to do on in Cabo that you’ll be able to find something that will appeal to all your kids.

Outdoor Activities

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places to spend Christmas because you can spend the holidays outdoors soaking up the warm sunshine and fresh air. The Cabo San Lucas weather in December has the warm temperatures and clear skies needed for activities at sea, like paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing. One of the most unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas is whale watching when these majestic creatures migrate south to feed in the tropical waters and give birth. On land, enjoy exploring the downtown marina, riding horses and camels along the beach, and ATVing on rugged trails.

Spend this Christmas with the ones you love the most when you escape to the tropical shores of Mexico, and the warm weather and list of things to do in Cabo San Lucas make it the ideal destination. Relax by the pool and discover new adventures with your family this year.

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