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Reasons to visit Los Cabos Post-Lockdown

DESTINATION | Published on 22/06/2020
Optimizada best time to visit los cabos

The spring of 2020 was difficult for people all over the world as the Coronavirus took a toll on health, economies, and families. However, it was also a time when people found new ways to connect and help their neighbors and when essential workers stepped up to the plate to keep everyone safe. Thanks to preventative measures, many cities have gotten through the worst of the virus and are beginning to reopen. As we get closer to the end of the Coronavirus and travel begins to resume, it’s time to start making plans for where to travel. Cabo San Lucas has always been a popular destination for travelers, many of whom agree that summer is the best time to visit Los Cabos. Let these reasons to travel Los Cabos post-lockdown inspire you to escape to paradise and discover what makes this such a popular destination.

Los Cabos is one of the Safest Destinations in Mexico

Before traveling to Cabo for the first time, most people ask “Is Los Cabos safe?” With the current coronavirus and travel concerns, this question is being asked even by those who have traveled to Los Cabos multiple times. In general, safety is one of the many reasons to travel Los Cabos. With tourism as the foundation of the economy, community leaders and business owners work hard to avoid receiving a Los Cabos travel advisory, making it a safe place for everyone from families to solo backpackers. However, what travelers are now more concerned about is health and sanitation, and the government of Mexico quickly took a firm stance on quarantining and social distancing by implementing Los Cabos Mexico travel restrictions to protect the community. As the city begins to reopen and Los Cabos Mexico travel restrictions are lifted, businesses and hotels can only welcome guests back with strict precautionary measures in place. If you’re wondering “Is Los Cabos safe?”, you can read online about what coronavirus and travel protocols your resort is implementing, and you can check the official Los Cabos travel advisory concerning the virus from the US Department of State

You can have Adventures in Los Cabos While Social Distancing

When it comes to what to do in Los Cabos, there are plenty of options that naturally let you practice social distancing. The waters around Los Cabos are teeming with tropical fish and rocky reefs to explore, and one of the most incredible adventures listed in any travel guide to Los Cabos is scuba diving. While diving in Los Cabos, you can explore the world under the sea while keeping your distance from others. Summer is the best time to visit Los Cabos for snorkeling and scuba diving because the water is warm and clear. If you’re looking for what to do in Los Cabos while social distancing, you can also paddleboard, kayak, and hike. With this travel guide to Los Cabos hiking, you can escape the crowds and find the best view of the sea. If you go with a tour company, you can also check to see what Los Cabos Mexico travel restrictions and safety measures they’re following.

Traveling to Los Cabos can Provide a Mental Health Retreat

After the emotional health burden of the lockdown, escaping to the sunny shores of Mexico can give you the break you need. After months of being inside, the fresh sea breeze will lift your spirits, and without the usual to-do lists of cleaning and running errands, you can enjoy some time for yourself and your family. The fresh produce and seafood straight from the sea are two more reasons to travel Los Cabos that will energize your body and soul. You can have all this while staying at a family resort, and summer is usually the best time to visit Los Cabos if you’re looking for deals on accommodations. As you browse where to travel this year, the natural beauty of Los Cabos, the luxurious resorts, and the fresh food will tempt you down to the Baja Peninsula.

When you look for where to travel to once the quarantine is lifted, imagine yourself enjoying the best of what to do in Los Cabos: walking along the beach, scuba diving in the sea, and dining on fresh, authentic Mexican food. To determine is Los Cabos safe to return to already, check with your airline and resort to see what preventative measures they’re taking, and you can find an up-to-date Los Cabos travel advisory online. With post-lockdown deals and beautiful scenery, it’s time to crack open your travel guide to Los Cabos and start making plans to head to the beach.

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