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Scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez

DESTINATION | Published on 18/09/2019
Optimizada scuba diving lessons

If you love discovering the unknown or have dreams of being a mermaid, it’s time to pack your bag for Cabo San Lucas because September through November is the ideal time of year for scuba diving in Sea of Cortez waters. During scuba diving season, the sea is filled with wonders and marine life, giving those who have done Sea of Cortez scuba diving even more to discover. With clear waters and pleasant temperatures, now is the time to sign up for scuba diving lessons and explore the reefs and canyons below the water’s surface.

Pirates came to the Sea of Cortez years ago looking for pearls, and there’s still plenty of treasure to find today in the water. One of the reasons Cabo scuba diving is so popular is the sandfalls, canyons where cascades of sand pour over the edge. An interesting bit of Sea of Cortez diving information is that the sandfalls here were dived by the legendary Jacques Cousteau, and they still bring explorers to Cabo even after scuba diving season has ended. Coming across these other-worldly features makes Sea of Cortez scuba diving an experience like no other.

One of the other popular spots for diving in Sea of Cortez waters is Cabo Pulmo National Park, nicknamed "the world’s aquarium." Within the park, diving in at the coral reefs and virgin beaches are popular things to do in Sea of Cortez, and once you go below the surface, you’ll find the waters teeming with life. With a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it’s a protected environment with conservation efforts that make it safe for all marine mammals and tropical fish. As you learn more Sea of Cortez diving information, you’ll see that preserving the natural environment is at the heart of all the dive shops here. 

Scuba diving season aligns with whale shark season, gentle giants who filter feed on small fish and pose no threat to humans. For a more thrilling shark encounter, hammerheads often gather at Isla San Pedro. Those who aren’t hoping to see sharks while diving in Sea of Cortez waters can still spot turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whales, and large schools of tropical fish. Getting up close to marine life makes Cabo scuba diving one of the most enthralling things to do in Sea of Cortez waters. 

Whether you’ve dived before or are just beginning, taking scuba diving lessons is a great way to improve your underwater skills and discover the best sights of the sea. As you advance in scuba diving lessons, you’ll earn more certification and gain advanced skills that allow you to dive deeper and maneuver independently at sea. Some of the top Cabo scuba diving companies, such as Manta Scuba Diving and Dive Cabo . They’re experts on Sea of Cortez diving information and can help you achieve certification on vacation. 

For things to do in Sea of Cortez, nothing is more thrilling and adventurous that scuba diving. The underwater world has fascinated humans for centuries, and Sea of Cortez scuba diving is the perfect way to explore the treasures of the ocean. While you can dive all year long, the current clarity and warmth of the ocean water makes it ideal for scuba lessons and dives.

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