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The Best Los Cabos Tours

DESTINATION | Published on 02/01/2019
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When you visit a destination as popular as Los Cabos, Mexico, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the mass amounts of Los Cabos tours and incredible things to do in Cabo for travelers of all ages. Activities in Cabo San Lucas are plentiful and include everything from Los Cabos excursions on the water to camel rides in the desert. Whether this is your first time visiting the city or the hundredth, this list of the best Cabo tours will help you navigate through the myriad Cabo tours and activities so that you can rest assured you’re making the most of your time when you visit Los Cabos.

Cabo Sky Tours

There is a reason that Cabo Sky Tours is one of the top rated outdoor activities in Cabo San Lucas. The unequaled thrill of gliding through the air aboard a powered hang glider, overlooking the stunning natural beauty of Cabo, is without a doubt a draw for most individuals. If you can get past your fear of heights and the somewhat expensive price tag, this is by far one of the best things to do in Cabo.

Blue Sky Fishing

Among the best Los Cabos tours is Blue Sky Fishing, a company that offers both fishing excursions and other activities in Cabo San Lucas, such as sunset sailing and party floats. If you are in the mood for an outdoor water adventure, check out their line of Los Cabos excursions for a guaranteed good time and high probabilities of reeling in the catch of the day.

Whale Watch Cabo

The best Cabo tours include a chance to see some of the world largest species in action. When you book the Los Cabos excursions available through Whale Watch Cabo, you’ll find yourself partaking in a once in a lifetime experience. Stand witness to some of the most memorable maneuvers you’ll ever see as you watch Humpback, Grey, Blue, and Sperm Whales make their water through the waters near the coast of Cabo San Lucas during one of their incredible Cabo tours and activities.

Cabo Flyboard

Los Cabos things to do are numerous, but none are quite like the feeling you get while flying above the water on a Cabo Flyboard. When you visit Los Cabos, be sure to make time in your schedule to experience one of these unique Los Cabos tours, that will have you feeling more like Tony Stark in Iron Man than a tourist on vacation. If you really want to experience this and other Los Cabos things to do, think about booking your tour ahead of time as this one tends to sell out far in advance.

Baja Ranch Tour and Camel Safari

No list of the best Cabo tours would be complete without adding in the Camel Safari offered by Cabo Adventures. This is by far one of the most unique things to do in Cabo given that almost nowhere else in North America can you ride camels in the desert. When you visit Los Cabos, you’ll immediately notice the contrasting landscapes of dry deserts and vast sea expanses. The Cabo tours and activities that allow you to enjoy both are among the best and that is why the camel ride is so popular. During this tour, you get to spend time in the dunes while looking out on the ocean. The experience is simply incredible.

While a trip to Cabo is sure to be special no matter what you do with your time, these activities in Cabo San Lucas are sure to make it even more memorable. Check with you local tour company to schedule these once in a lifetime adventures and other Los Cabos things to do.

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