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The Ultimate Guide to Cabo San Lucas Beaches

DESTINATION | Published on 25/09/2019
Optimizada cabo san lucas beaches

For everything from destination weddings to spring-break vacations, the Cabo San Lucas beaches are some of the most popular coastal destinations in the world. Each of the beaches in Cabo has its own distinct vibe and characteristics. While it’s easy to enjoy a full vacation at just one of them, exploring the different spots in this travel guide to Los Cabos Mexico beaches will give you a wide taste of all that the Baja Peninsula has to offer.

Medano Beach

A two-mile long stretch of golden sand, Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular spots in town. Lined by the city’s top resorts, it's easy for most travelers to enjoy a day relaxing in the sun and splashing in the waves here. For an afternoon at Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas, you won’t have to pack much. Popular bars and restaurants with fresh seafood and happy hour specials are located here, and vendors sell everything from souvenirs to watersport rentals. There’s also clean bathrooms and facilities to change in, making Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas popular with locals too.

Lover’s Beach

One of the most iconic beaches in any travel guide to Los Cabos Mexico is Lover’s Beach. However, it’s one of the few Cabo beaches that’s only accessible by boat. What makes a visit to Lover’s Beach worth it is its incredible location. Between craggy rock formations at Land’s End, the soft sands of Lover’s Beach beckon you to rest and enjoy the views from its secluded spot. It’s one of the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas, and with abundant coral formations and schools of tropical fish, it’s a popular spot for snorkeling.

Divorce Beach

On the Pacific coast side of Land’s End is Divorce Beach, and as its name suggests, it is not one of the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. Rough waves and strong currents make it a better spot to find some privacy and look out away from the land for a panoramic view of the ocean. It’s easy to walk back and forth between Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach, two of the most popular Cabo beaches, giving you the chance to put your feet in both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

Chileno Beach

Located just past the main resorts, Chileno Beach is one of the most stunning Cabo San Lucas beaches, but with fewer visitors, there’s more room to spread out and escape the crowds. Some of the popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas include swimming and snorkeling in Chileno Beach’s calm and clear waters. It’s also one of the Blue Flag designated beaches in Cabo, meaning it meets an international standard for cleanliness and public education. You’ll find fresh bathrooms and a well-paved parking lot, but without vendors here, this is one of the Cabo beaches where you’ll have to bring your own umbrella and snacks.

Costa Azul

Costa Azul isn’t just one of the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas, it’s also one of the surfable ones. Watching the pros or taking lessons at this surfing mecca is one of the most unique things to do in Cabo San Lucas. In June, it’s one of the top Cabo San Lucas beaches to visit when the Los Cabos Open Surf competition draws surfers from around the world to compete at Costa Azul.

One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is explore the variety of pristine beaches located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. From the popular city beaches to the secluded surf spots, each one has its own personality. While you can read all about them in a travel guide to Los Cabos Mexico, sinking your toes into the sand is the best way to experience the beaches of Cabos. 

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