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The Perfect Margarita on Your Cabo Vacation

DINING | Published on 29/01/2019
Optimizada 0 the perfect margarita on your cabo vacation

Margaritas and Cabo San Lucas vacations are a match made in heaven. As you search for the best margarita in Cabo San Lucas, you’ll encounter exotic flavors and learn more about tequila distilling. Days spent on the beach listening to the waves and nights spent sipping Mexican cocktails to the sound of mariachi bands may even inspire you to try some of the best margarita recipes in your own kitchen.

If you’re looking for the best margarita in Cabo San Lucas, your first stop needs to be Monkey's Cave Bar where you’ll find the freshest and most extensive selection. Those who’ve been here on their Cabo San Lucas vacations will quickly recommend their mango, coconut, or lemon margaritas, and to add an extra kick to your drink, ask for tajin chili instead of salt on the rim. Whether you order it frozen or on the rocks, your margarita drink will be served in a festive glass made by local artisans.

Margarita Drink

Cabo tours and activities often include tequila tastings, which may inspire you to learn how to make a margarita. Any margarita drink, will have a base of tequila. The three main types of tequila are blanco, reposado, or añejo. Blanco is the clear tequila that comes straight from processing without being aged. Reposado tequila is put into barrels after production to age for 2-12 months. Playing with the type of wood that holds it will give each reposado its own flavor profile. Añejo has been aged typically from 1-3 years in barrels, sometimes even in used whiskey barrels to give it a smoother, more complex flavor. The richness of añejo makes it more of a sipping tequila, with flavor to be enjoyed slowly rather than mixed.

Blanco and reposado tequila are great for any margarita drink recipe, but you could also experiment with mezcal, a richer, smokier tequila. Unlike tequila, which is only made from blue agave plants, there are over 20 varieties of agave that can be used to distill mezcal. However, they both can be aged in barrels to adjust the flavor profiles. Mezcal is widely known for the “worm” in the bottle. While mostly a marketing tactic to prove the strength of the liquor, some bottles hold an insect larvae that commonly lives on agave plants. You’ll never find one in a tequila bottle, but don’t be shocked to find a brand that uses them. As you search for the best margarita in Cabo San Lucas do be afraid to try a smoky mezcal cocktail.

The Best Margarita Recipe

A shot of tequila or mezcal is always the base for the best margarita recipe, and the traditional margarita drink recipe needs just ice, salt, lime, and an orange liqueur. The most common orange liquors are triple sec and Cointreau. Both are made from oranges, but Cointreau has a higher alcohol content, making for a boozier drink. Pour in equal parts of orange liqueur and tequila and top it off with freshly squeezed lime juice before shaking it with ice and putting it in a salt-rimmed glass.

There are many variations on the traditional margarita drink recipe, and Cabo San Lucas vacations are the perfect time to try different flavors. In your own kitchen, you can learn how to make a margarita drink using a range of different additions. Adding simple syrup or sparkling water will lessen the strength of the cocktail, and playing with flavored waters, syrups, and sugars will help you find the best margarita recipes. Fresh fruits like pineapple, berries, or cucumber create a perfect all-natural addition to any cocktail, or try adding freshly squeezed orange juice for an extra fruity drink.

Take memories of paradise home with you by purchasing a bottle of your favorite tequila in Cabo to use as you learn how to make a margarita drink. As you sip your favorite margarita, you’ll be transported back to the seashores of Mexico, where it’s always 5 o’clock. 

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