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Cabo San Lucas Events: September, October, November, December

EVENTS | Published on 17/09/2021
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Attending cultural events in Mexico is the best way to travel and explore another part of the world, and with tourism picking up in the fall and winter in Los Cabos, there’s a variety of festivals in Cabo San Lucas to experience. Whether you’re searching for “fishing events near me” or for galleries to visit, you’ll find something that will appeal to you.

These Cabo San Lucas events celebrate everything from history and art to sports and fishing. While there are so many things to do in Cabo San Lucas, being a part of these festivities and competitions gives you a taste of the local culture. As you make your vacation plans, add these Cabo San Lucas upcoming events to your calendar.


The September festivals in Cabo San Lucas celebrate the country’s culture, and of all the cultural events in Mexico, the biggest holiday of the year is Independence Day on September 16.

  • September 14. These celebrations and Cabo San Lucas events kick off with the Day of the Charro, a day that celebrates the traditional Mexican cowboy. Head downtown to watch the parade full of charros and escaramuzas, the female side of Mexican horsemanship.
  • September 15. The Independence Day festivals in Cabo San Lucas continue with El Grito, a reenactment of the country’s first cry for independence. On Independence Day, the options for things to do in Cabo San Lucas include watching parades, attending musical and dance performances, and eating authentic foods. In fact, it’s one of the best food events if you love traditional dishes. The most iconic meal on Independence Day is chiles en nogada, stuffed chiles covered in a creamy walnut sauce.


In October, the cultural events in Mexico continue with local celebrations.

  • October 12Todos Santos is a popular small town to visit near Cabo, celebrates their patron saint, Señora del Pilar, and the founding of the city. Over the course of five days, there will be live music, dancing, parades, and plenty of food and drink.
  • October 18, a similar festival takes place in Cabo San Lucas, celebrating the city’s patron saint. Attending the performances and festivities are the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas to experience the city like a local.
  • The list of Cabo San Lucas upcoming events also include several fishing tournaments, and the Bisbee Tournaments are the biggest of the year. If you search for “fishing events near me” when you’re in Cabo, you’ll see the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament on October 14 - 17 and the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament on October 19 - 23.
  • October 31, join one of the Halloween events and parties that take place in Villa del Palmar Cabo, you can enjoy "Monster Buffet", horror show and costume contest. Make the halloween celebration an event to remember.


November begins with Day of the Dead, an iconic Mexican holiday. This holiday on November 1-2 commemorates loved ones who have passed away and celebrates their legacies. There are a variety of Cabo San Lucas events to attend if you want to experience Day of the Dead. In Plaza Amelia Wilkes, families and friends build altars in memory of those who have passed away, and there’s a prize for the best one. Locals will also head to cemeteries to clean off graves, light candles, and share memories. Resorts will also host craft classes and cultural activities to celebrate Day of the Dead.

  • Throughout the rest of the month, the beginning of the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk is a main attraction. On Thursday nights, galleries stay open longer and host talks with local artists. These Cabo San Lucas upcoming events showcase both traditional and modern Mexican art.
  • At the end of the month is one of the other important cultural events in Mexico: Revolution Day. This celebrates the country reforming itself into a more just and democratic society.


At festivals in Cabo San Lucas, the food is always savory and delicious, and Sabor a Cabo is one of the best food events. This December festival gathers the best chefs in town to showcase their signature flavors and dishes.

  • December also has several religious holidays, beginning with a celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12 with pilgrimages to local churches. For Christmas in Cabo, attend parties at resorts, and feast on traditional foods with your loved ones.

The celebrations and festivities in Cabo San Lucas appeal to all sorts of travelers. Whether you’ve been searching for “fishing events near me” or you’re scouting out the best food events, you’ll find plenty of options to make your vacation a true cultural experience.

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