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Cabo San Lucas Events - Gastronomic Journey Culinary Fest at Villa del Palmar

EVENTS | Published on 06/07/2018
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Cabo San Lucas has long been a destination in Mexico known for celebrating the delightful experiences and sensational talents brought about by the culinary world. From the most lavish gastronomic events to small festivals dedicated to world-class cuisine, Cabo, Mexico has delivered over the years. Adding to the mix of memorable Cabo San Lucas events is Gastronomic Journey, a culinary fest organized by The Villa Group Resorts in Los Cabos and dedicated to shining a light on the diverse talents and deep passions of the many chefs who work for the trio of luxury Cabo San Lucas resorts. The exquisite affair, which took place during the last week of June 2018, was a culinary fest to remember and will surely be bringing guests back to the optional all inclusive resort in Cabo for years to come.

For four days, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Arco, and Villa La Estancia Los Cabos hosted Gastronomic Journey, a culinary fest that showcased the talents and unique skills of 19 of the resorts’ chefs and over 50 different employees. The entertaining and intriguing affair offered a variety of gastronomic events in the top destination in Mexico for guests to enjoy, including culinary contests, wine pairings, cooking demonstrations, and dinner preparations with multiple courses. Each day had a number of activities, making it so that guests could enjoy the Cabo San Lucas events as much or as little as they liked. Whether cheering on the chefs as they battled it out to be number one or dining on the exquisite creations at The Villa Group Resorts top restaurants, there was never a dull moment. 

Guests staying at the Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas had various opportunities to engage in Gastronomic Journey as many of the events took place right at the resort’s facilities. On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, crowds of guests rooted for chefs and other contest participants who battled it out to stand tall as the Cabo San Lucas resorts’ top chef. This entertaining contest took place at Tomatillos, the “Farm to Table” restaurant that so many have fallen in love with since its recent opening in Cabo, Mexico. Each of the participants poured their heart and soul into their dishes as hotel directors and guests judged each platter to determine the winner. Truly a guest favorite, The Villa Group Chef Culinary Contest was a great start to the week. 

On Wednesday afternoon, over 50 employees joined in the fun during a Collaborators’ Culinary Contest at the Sports Bar at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, where they competed for a chance to have their dish added to one of the menus at the resorts’ restaurants. Guests were thrilled to watch the exciting competition and delighted in the tasty dishes that highlighted the delicious flavors available at The Villa Group Resorts. Later on, guests joined Executive Chef of Bella California, Giulio Lupori, and Executive Chef of El Patron, Jorge Salas, for the Bounty of Baja Wine Pairing Menu at El Patron Restaurant at Villa del Arco. The delicious menu combined the savory flavors of Baja California with a diverse selection of Mexican and international wines in one of the most extraordinary Cabo San Lucas events to date. 

Thursday turned out to be another exceptional day filled with gastronomic events to remember. It began at noon with two Executive Chefs, Roberto Silva and Odin Vargas, putting on a Cooking Demo near the pool for guests, and closed with another extraordinary wine pairing menu created by Chef Patron Remby Rubio of Neptune Seafood at Villa del Arco, and Chef Tanya Diaz of Tomatillos at Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas. The four-course tasting menu gave guests a chance to try the best regional dishes created by two of the most talented chefs at the Cabo San Lucas resorts. 

The last and final day of Gastronomic Journey Culinary Fest in Cabo, Mexico was one that won’t soon be forgotten as guests enjoyed the entertaining antics of five of the resorts’ Chef Patrons during a cooking demonstration located poolside at the all inclusive resort in Cabo and continued on to a 5-course Wine Pairing Dinner at Bella California. This closing event was prepared by five of the resorts’ executive chefs, which wowed guests with their passion for cooking and attention to detail. Paired with a number of Mexican wines, the five-course dinner was a total success. 

Cabo San Lucas is, without a doubt, a top destination in Mexico for a culinary fest of such caliber and The Villa Group is thrilled to have provided guests with a such a unique opportunity to enjoy the splendor and excitement of the Gastronomic Journey Culinary Fest at their all inclusive resort in Cabo. 

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