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Taking the Best Instagram Worthy Photos on Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 05/09/2019
Optimizada vacation photos

More than a mug or magnet, vacation photos are the best souvenirs. They capture moments of joy and adventure, preserving memories that will last a lifetime. With social media, it’s easy to share photos with friends and family members to keep them updated on your trip. For some, knowing how to take Instagram photos is also an art and hobby. With apps to edit photos for Instagram, you can take professional-quality photos with your own cell phone.

Know Where to Go to Capture Professional Instagram Photos

Every destination has its iconic spots that are easily recognizable and appear in professional Instagram photos all the time. Getting Instagram images at these spots is often a bucket-list item, and their natural beauty makes seeing them an experience all on its own. For ideas on where to take photos for Instagram, you can search the destination in the app and see where other travelers have found iconic shots.

Know How to Setup the Shot

No matter where you are, there are a few photography tips to follow to make your images look like professional Instagram photos. The first thing to consider is the layout of your photo: the foreground, central focus, and background. You can play around with the ratio of these for creative Instagram photos, and using the photo grid can help you to align the main points of interest in your shot. While you can edit many elements of your vacation photos, using natural lighting makes a big difference in how to take Instagram photos. Try to position the source of light behind you (the photographer) so that it’s lighting up your shot.

Know What to Shoot for Creative Instagram Photos

Sometimes the trick for how to take good Instagram photos is to turn away from the obvious photo choice and capture the smaller details instead. While most Instagram images at the beach are of the horizon, focus your lens upward into the palm trees and onto a tiny shell. Get down low to capture iconic landmarks from a new perspective, and you’ll have vacation photos that stand out from the rest. Take your time to play with different options for how to take Instagram photos to find your creative flair. 

Know How to Use Apps to Edit Photos for Instagram

To get Instagram images that look professional, you’ll need to know how to use apps to edit photos for Instagram in a way that looks natural. Putting on heavy filters and fading the edges of images is no longer the trendy trick to creative Instagram photos. With the number of tutorials and videos online, you can learn the tips and tricks of editing in a matter of minutes. Some of the top apps to edit photos for Instagram are VSCO and FaceTune, but many people also use Boomerang for quick and fun videos to post. 

How to take good Instagram photos is surprisingly simple, but the more you play around with angles and editing apps, the more you’ll find your creative edge. Vacations are the perfect time to practice photography. There are millions of Instagram-worthy shots, and you’ll have the time to relax and play around with your images. The next time you travel, put learning how to take good Instagram photos on your itinerary.

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