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Reasons to Plan a Cabo Family Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 04/08/2018
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Sandy toes, sunkissed shoulders, full bellies, and smiling faces will look back at you for years from photos of your Cabo family vacation. Families can plan trips tailored to making their dreams come true when visiting the top destination in Mexico. With all the family activities Cabo San Lucas has to offer, there are things to do in Cabo San Lucas for visitors of all ages to enjoy. From camel rides to pirate tours, kids and parents alike will forever treasure their memories of vacationing in Mexico. Here are some of the best reasons to plan a Cabo family vacation. 

Buccaneer Queen

Step aboard the Buccaneer Queen pirate ship and set sail for adventure. When booking your tour, select from four tour options filled with Cabo activities to suit your family. Explore the Pacific Ocean during the day with paddle boarding and snorkeling tours. Chase the “Kraken monster” as you sail alongside whales. At night, enjoy dinner and a live pirate show onboard as the sun sets. Each pirate tour includes a unique package of food and activities--and an open bar for mom and dad! With kids five years old and younger riding for free and online discounts, the Buccaneer Queen provides opportunities for the whole family to sail the high seas.

Rancho Tours

See the hometowns of Mexico with Rancho Tours as you experience the rich history of Baja California Sur. In addition to ocean tours, Rancho Tours offers several tours on the land to visit the secluded, tranquil cities around Cabo. See the many facets of daily life and culture in Mexico from rustic markets to hot springs, pristine beaches, blanket factories, saddleries, desert landscapes, paintings, and antiques. Sample homemade meals and tequilas as you venture into the quieter areas of the Baja peninsula. For family activities, Cabo San Lucas has options that extend beyond the crystal clear water into the traditions of Mexico. While the tours will pick you up from and return you to Los Cabos resort, you may not want to leave these magical towns!

Camel Safari

Explore the tropical deserts surrounding Cabo with a unique mode of transportation: a camel! Cabo Adventures offers a unique outback safari tour that explores the natural biosphere located here. These docile and friendly camels will carry you on a journey through the desert and along the ocean. After riding, stretch your legs and hike through the tropical landscape to get up close to the natural flora and fauna of the ecosystem. With lovable animals and a full-course Mexican fest, kids will rave about this adventure. In addition to riding camels, learn how to make true Mexican tortillas and taste authentic tequila and mezcal. With so many things to experience on a single tour, this is one of the most unique Cabo activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Yellow Cabo Submarine

While snorkeling and scuba diving get you up close to the fish and underwater wildlife of the ocean, the Cabo Submarine with Cabo Expeditions takes the whole family safely and comfortably underwater to see the aquatic landscape below the surface. Up top, see the jagged heights of the Lands’ End rock formations then drop down below to see the corals, urchins, and fish that make their home here. The onboard marine biologist will share fascinating details about the creatures swimming and living in the underwater world here as well as the natural history of the landscape. This air-conditioned boat provides an opportunity for the youngest and oldest visitors to see all that the sea has to offer.


No vacation to one of the best resorts for families in Cabo can end without time spent on the sandy beaches of Mexico. The inspiration to traditional songs, these beaches offer dazzling views and plenty of room to play. Medano Beach, for example, is an extensive beach lined by restaurants to refresh beachgoers after a day of soaking in the sun and a variety of water sports and activities are offered here from local vendors. Explore further away from the city by water taxi to visit Lovers’ Beach. This picturesque beach is ideal for relaxing in the sun and enjoying the surroundings. Secluded from the city, Lovers’ Beach offer views of the striking rock formations jutting out of the water around Cabo.

Vacationing as a family in Mexico creates special moments to share together. From underseas tours to outback safaris, each member of your family will be amazed by the sights and thrills of the adventures you embark upon in Cabo San Lucas, allowing you to take home warm memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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