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Save Money: Guide for Traveling Cheap

LIFESTYLE | Published on 13/07/2020
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Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences, opening your mind to different cultures and showing you the wonders of the world. While it seems like you have to save for years to afford a trip, learning how to travel cheap will let you get away more while leaving extra cash in your pocket. With these travel tips and tricks, you can find the best way to save money for a travel experience and jet across the world without breaking your budget. 

Choosing Your Destination

There are a lot of cheap places to travel, especially in smaller and remote destinations. However, any destination has its low season, when tourism is typically less and you can find the best travel deals. A quick search will let you know when even the hottest destinations become cheap places to travel. Going during the low season can be the best way to travel because things in your destination will be cheaper and it’ll be less crowded.

Finding Plane Tickets

If you travel during low season, you can find the best travel deals on airfare, but there are other cheap travel tips to score deals on plane tickets. If you’re flexible on dates, you can set up a notification from travel search engines to update you on when to find travel cheap flights. Another trick to finding travel cheap flights is to shop in an incognito window so that the search engine doesn’t know if you’ve been shopping for flights lately.

Booking Accommodations

When it comes to hotels, a cheaper cost per night isn’t always the best way for how to save money on vacation. By looking at what all is included in your stay, you can save more money overall, making it the best way to travel. For many travelers, all-inclusive resorts give the most for your money: free dining, drinks, pools, amenities, entertainment, and discounts on other services.

Dining Like a Local

Even in cheap places to travel, food costs add up quickly, but if you eat like a local, you’ll quickly learn how to travel cheap. Opt for mom-and-pop restaurants that don’t seem glamorous but serve the best authentic cuisine. One of the best ways for how to save money on vacation is to make your own meals. Booking a room with a kitchenette gives you space to cook, but no matter where you are, you can visit a grocery store for an easy meal. To still have an incredible dining experience, one of the best cheap travel tips is to take your homemade meal and find a beautiful picnic spot with a view. Cutting down on food expenses is the best way to save money for a travel experience.

Experiencing your Destination

In a new destination, there’s a million wonderful opportunities waiting for you, and learning how to save money on vacation gives you more options for things to do. While you may want to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can also discover free things to do wherever you go. For instance, instead of dropping a big sum on an art museum ticket, visit local galleries to see what artists are currently doing. Another one of the best travel tips and tricks for exploring a city is to create your own walking tour to free attractions. 

Getting Around Town

If you’re hoping to see more of the city, knowing how to travel cheap from points A to B will add up to big savings. Private taxis and Ubers are some of the more expensive options, so the best way to travel cheap is public transportation. Some other cheap travel tips for transportation are to look for local bike rentals or strategically plan your day so that you can take public or private transportation to a central area and then walk between destinations.

Saving Throughout the Year

The best way to save money for a travel experience is simply to prioritize it so that you can jump on the best travel deals whenever they pop up, even if that means forgoing instant gratification. Brewing tea or coffee at home, buying fewer things, and biking around town are lifestyle changes that allow you to put more money towards travel. 

If you can travel cheap flights and make your own meals, you’ll be able to jet across the world without breaking your budget. By following these travel tips and tricks, you’ll have more money left in your pocket to save towards your next adventure.

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