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Staying Green on Your Cabo Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 07/06/2019
Optimizada staying green on your cabo vacation

When you go on Cabo San Lucas vacations, taking in the beauty of nature and spotting exotic animals in their natural habitats reminds us of how awesome our world is and of how we play a role in keeping it clean. Eco-friendly vacations allow you to visit stunning destinations while preserving them for future travelers, and with simple and conscious decisions, you turn each trip into an environmentally friendly vacation. From your hotel to shopping choices, following even the smallest eco-friendly holiday tips can leave a smaller carbon footprint behind. Imagine if everyone made green travel a priority by following these eco-friendly holiday tips for their Cabo vacations.

As more travelers seek out ecotourism, many hotels and resorts have established green travel policies regarding recycling, laundry, and electricity, switching to high-efficiency appliances and installing solar panels. When booking hotels for Cabo San Lucas vacations, browse their policies to find one that prioritizes both travel and environment preservation. Supporting these businesses encourages more companies to engage in sustainable practices.

Once you’ve checked in, you can take your own steps to create an environmentally friendly vacation. When you’re going out on an adventure, turn off all lights and even the air conditioning during the day. While coming home to a cool room feels great after a journey at sea or in the jungle, turning the air conditioner back on when you come back will cool down the room in no time. You can also open the windows on Cabo vacations to let the cool sea breeze in.

Conserving water is also important on environmental vacations, even when you’re surrounded by the vast ocean. After riding ATVs over rugged trails or swimming in the sea, you’ll want to hop in the shower before enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine or a margarita. One of the easiest eco-friendly holiday tips is to limit your time in the shower. Don’t let the water run for long beforehand, and don’t sing too long in the shower. When a showerhead pushes through up to two gallons of water per minute, one less minute of relaxing in the steam can build up over the course of many eco-friendly vacations. Once you’ve hopped out, hang your towels back up so housekeeping knows they don’t need to be washed just yet.

Beach days are what makes Cabo San Lucas vacations popular for families, spring breakers, retirees, and newlyweds. Whether you’re diving into the waves or into a good book, it’s easy for the wind to blow wrappers and napkins away. Taking an environmentally friendly vacation means not only cleaning up after yourself but also being willing to pick up trash on the beach before the waves wash it into the ocean.

An easy part of green travel,as well as daily life, is declining plastic bags at shops. On your Cabo vacations, take a reusable tote bag with you for souvenir shopping or carry small purchases in your purse. If you do need to take a plastic bag, reusing it later to pick up garbage on the beach keeps your environmental vacations green.

In Cabo, there are several ecotourism options that explore the natural wildlife and landscape of the Baja Peninsula with sustainable travel and environment practices. Companies like Cabo Expeditions prioritize providing eco-friendly vacations while still creating magical and cultural experiences. Seek out companies that partner with conservation organizations, use reusable flatware and plates, and don’t disrupt animals’ habitats. With them, ecotourism is both sustainable and exciting.

When it comes to travel and environment, the two go hand in hand, giving you incredible sights to see and chances to conserve our world. Make all your trips environmental vacations when you live by these tips wherever you go.

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