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Taking Festive Photos on Your Cabo Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 31/12/2019
Optimizada holiday party activities

This year, capture Christmas in Cabo 2019 with festive holiday photos to share online or to put in the family Christmas card. With perfectly sunny Cabo at Christmas weather, golden lighting and clear skies create stunning backdrops. As you look back on the memories you made on vacation in Cabo in December, you’ll be reminded of the joy you found in sharing the magic with those you love, which makes taking photos of your Cabo San Lucas Christmas 2019 priceless. When planning out your holiday activities, be sure to either schedule a Christmas in Cabo 2019 photo session or find other creative ways to capture memories.

Hire a Professional

While mobile phone cameras are becoming increasingly stronger, they can’t rival the quality and skills of a professional photographer. Hiring a photographer for sunset pictures of your family on the beach gives you incredible portraits that can hang on the wall for years or be sent out as a Christmas card. The Cabo at Christmas weather is sunny and pleasantly warm, so you won’t have to worry about cloudy or rainy days. To find a professional photographer for your Cabo San Lucas Christmas photos, one of the best sources is the concierge at your resort who has plenty of local connections.

Go for a Classic Look

If you’re planning on taking family photos in Cabo in December, it’s important to plan out what everyone will wear ahead of time. A classic look for family portraits on the beach are khakis and white shirts, echoing the colors of the soft sands for a clean, fresh shot. For a more colorful palette, pick two main colors to have everyone incorporate into their outfit with neutral tones as a base.

Add a Little Whimsy

One of the top holiday party activities is a photo booth with Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and other festive props. Incorporating festive Christmas attire into your photos adds a little whimsy and fun. Another way to take more original photos in Cabo in December is with traditional Mexican designs. Since shopping is one of the best holiday activities, browse local stores and markets for brightly embroidered shirts and dresses. Adding a little Mexican flair to your photos makes them unique to Christmas in Cabo 2019. 

Opt for Tour Photos

This year, your options for holiday activities include scuba diving, ATV adventures, camel safaris, and paddleboarding. As you soak up the Cabo at Christmas weather and explore the wonders of the Baja Peninsula, many tours are accompanied by professional photographers who capture the thrills of ziplining and snorkeling for you. At the end of your tour, you can opt to purchase a professional package of photos. Rather than taking traditional portraits on the beach, let the memories of your Cabo San Lucas Christmas be framed all year long. 

Give Kids the Camera

Kids love getting to be a part of holiday party activities, so this year, let them jump in on the holiday photo action by putting the camera in their hands. To get some creative shots of your vacation, pick up a sturdy and waterproof kids’ camera, and enjoy seeing vacation from their unique points of view. While most of these photos won’t end up on the wall for years to come, they get kids involved in the activities and capture the candid moments you won’t want to forget.

Between holiday party activities and traveling for Christmas, time seems to slip away. Preserve the magic of family and the memories vacation with festive photos on the shores of Mexico. Whether you hire a professional, purchase tour photos, or take them on your own, looking back on them will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face long after the tan lines fade away.

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