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Tips For Traveling with Kids to Cabo San Lucas

LIFESTYLE | Published on 25/04/2022
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Choosing a Cabo San Lucas family vacation means an opportunity to create lifelong memories and strengthen your family bond. It also means you’re going to be traveling with children, an experience that many stress over and that can often go awry when unprepared. Using these tips for travel with kids will make your vacation an incredible time for everyone.

1.- Plan for Travel Time

One of the essential tips for traveling with kids is to have them each pack a small backpack filled with their favorite activities that can be done on a plane. As you’re traveling with children, there may be plenty of waiting time in airports and on planes when kids can become bored, distracted, and argumentative. Packing coloring books, small toys, books, or stuffed animals that keep kids occupied during the journey is one of the best tips for travel with kids. More advice for traveling with kids is to bring activities that don’t require electricity or have a battery that can run out, leaving you with nothing to do. 

2.- Pack Kid-Friendly Snacks 

Some kids can be picky eaters, and finding a healthy snack in an airport can be a challenge. As you’re packing for your Los Cabos family vacation, plan out some foods to carry along for the plane ride. Carrot sticks, fruit, granola bars, and sandwiches can provide some extra nutrition without the added processed sugar or grease of fast food, which may seem like the easy option. However, the best advice for traveling with kids includes keeping them away from sugary foods which will give them too much extra energy followed by a crash. Keep in mind that any fresh produce will have to be discarded before you pass through Mexican customs.

3.- All Inclusive is the Way To Go

Family travel hotel tips make Cabo family travel a breeze. One of the best tips for travel with kids is to stay at an all-inclusive resort. These resorts will give you services and amenities designed for the ultimate Cabo family vacation, including everything from special treats for kids to family-friendly entertainment in the evenings. As you browse resorts in Cabo, look for family friendly resorts that offer activities and daycare services. Throughout the year, you can find deals for traveling with children, such as children stay or eat for free. Between the services and deals, all-inclusive resorts aren’t just a luxury but one of the best family travel hotel tips. 

4.- Take Advantage of Resort Activities 

When you follow these family travel hotel tips, you’ll find a luxurious resort hosting activities to keep kids busy throughout the day. Cultural crafts, beach games, and cooking, and dance classes will fill your day with one-of-a-kind activities to help your kids learn about Mexico and have fun together. Enjoy your Cabo family travel adventures by participating as a family and enjoying the fun without having to leave the resort. Another piece of advice for traveling with kids is to let them get all their energy out during the day so that mom and dad can relax at night, and resort activities are the perfect way to spend the day having fun in the sun.

5.- Enjoy an Adventure Together 

Cabo family travel opens the door to amazing adventures and tours. From soaring through the jungle on ziplines to snorkeling at sea, there are plenty of high-energy options for families that kids will love. Not only will these Cabo activities let your children run and play, but they’ll also be an incredible opportunity to do something unique as a family. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences will draw you closer as a family, giving you memories to laugh over for years from your Cabo family travel adventures.

6.- Take a Moment to See Your Vacations Through Their Eyes 

No matter what, the most essential tips for traveling with kids are to slow down and be flexible. As you do, take in the journey through their eyes. Stop to look at all the tropical flowers, and slow down as you walk along the beach looking for shells. When kids get upset or tired, be flexible and head back to your room for a quick nap. Keeping these essential tips for traveling with kids in mind will help you make the most of your time together with special moments of family bonding on your Los Cabos family vacation.

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