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Cabo San Lucas Among the 10 Most Desired Tourist Destinations for 2021

NEWS | Published on 26/02/2021
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In a year when more travelers have stayed home, Cabo San Lucas Mexico continues to be one of the top tourist destinations that fills dreams with blue crashing waves and gently swaying palm trees. This year, Forbes magazine has rated the city as one of the best places to go on vacation, taking into consideration factors ranging from accommodations and activities to health and sanitation. As you start to look forward to the coming months and plan where to go on vacation this year, consider the expertise of the Forbes staff, and start packing your bags for a Cabo San Lucas vacation.

Forbes Best Places to Go on Vacation

After months of quarantining, travelers are eager to once again visit the top tourist destinations and their favorite cities in the world, soaking up the fresh air and relaxing on vacation. To help travelers determine where to go on vacation, the editorial committee at Forbes analyzed different Mexico tourist destinations and cities throughout Central and South America, looking at health and safety certifications, sanitary protocols, and new innovations and infrastructures designed to support travel and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The awards Cabo San Lucas has earned and the protocols enforced throughout the city earned it a spot on Forbes' list of the best places to go on vacation.

Is Cabo San Lucas Worth Visiting?

This list is filled with some of the world’s top tourist destinations, and when there are so many places to explore, is Cabo San Lucas worth visiting? While there are a million reasons to take a Cabo San Lucas vacation, it’s the relaxation of staying in an all-inclusive resort on the beach and the excitement of new adventures that are drawing visitors to Cabo San Lucas Mexico right now. After the stresses of the past year, staying in a sumptuous suite and waking up to the sound of the ocean will help wash your worries away. Taking walks on the beach and breathing in the fresh air will help revive your energy, and after seemingly endless months of canceling plans and worrying about the future, the excitement of exploring one of the best places to go on vacation makes the year a little brighter.

Cabo San Lucas Vacation Activities

Cabo San Lucas has always been one of the most popular Mexico tourist destinations because of its appeal to travelers from all walks of life. For those looking to travel like a celebrity, the luxurious resorts, world-class spas, and boutique shopping make it the premier destination. For those looking to get out into nature, the scuba diving sites, whale watching tours, and ATV trails in the mountains are adrenaline-inducing adventures. For families looking to get away, it’s the city’s safety that makes it a top choice for where to go on vacation. As you explore all the wonders that make Cabo San Lucas one of the best Mexico tourist destinations, you’ll see safety guidelines and protocols in place, and following them will protect your health and the wellbeing of the local community.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico has been the choice destination for Hollywood celebrities, beach weddings, family vacations, and spring break parties, but when the team at Forbes asked themselves “Is Cabo San Lucas worth visiting?”, they weren’t just considering luxury resorts and sailing tours. The city’s dedication to health and sanitation make it stand apart from other destinations, and their commitment to keeping travel safe reflects the warm hospitality and superior service that Cabo San Lucas has always offered to travelers from around the world.

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