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Cabo San Lucas Safety - Is a Cabo Vacation Right for my Family?

NEWS | Published on 12/03/2019
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The modern world can feel rushed, hectic, and unsafe at times, so people use family vacations to Cabo with kids to escape the hassle of everyday life. For families, the weather and deals on hotels aren’t the only things considered while planning. Safety in Cabo San Lucas is a priority for travelers young and old, and it’s a priority for the city as well. Reading up about Cabo San Lucas safety tips and paying attention to any Los Cabos warnings will help you stay safe on your journey and enjoy all the wonders the city has to offer.

Official Travel Warnings

The US Department of State regularly updates citizens about safety around the world and about Cabo San Lucas travel safety. According to the government, the only Los Cabos warnings are for the entire state of Baja California Sur where Cabo resides. The state has a level two travel warning to exercise increased caution. Throughout the state, criminal activity is a concern, especially between rival gangs and criminal organizations. Rarely though do they target tourists, but you never want to be a bystander. For local government officials, safety in Cabo San Lucas is a top priority. Because the city’s economy largely comes from tourism, officials, police officers, and community leaders actively work to keep criminal activity outside this popular destination, ensuring Cabo San Lucas travel safety for tourists looking to find paradise.

Staying Safe In The City

Cabo San Lucas is a big city with hundreds of thousands of people traveling through it each year. There are a few Cabo San Lucas safety tips to keep in mind as you explore the town. In any city, you never want to make yourself a target for theft by flashing expensive jewelry or handfuls of cash. To increase your Cabo San Lucas travel safety, leave valuables in the hotel safe, and avoid pulling out a handful of pesos to pay for purchases. At night when it’s dark, travel in a group or at least with someone else. As it gets later, one of the wisest Cabo San Lucas safety tips is to take a taxi rather than wander the streets in the middle of the night. While these tips are fairly common sense, the excitement of vacation and the tranquility of the beach can lull you into forgetting to be aware of where you are and what’s going on around you.

Avoiding Problems At The Beach

Family vacations in Cabo with kids likely mean plenty of time at the beach building sandcastles and jumping in waves. As the year gets busy and the beach gets crowded, Cabo San Lucas swimming safety can become a worry. As you swim into the water, avoid leaving your belongings unattended. Take turns jumping in, and hide valuables in a small hole in the sand beneath a towel for extra safety. To ensure your Cabo San Lucas swimming safety, stick to the popular beaches and avoid getting close to jagged rocks. If you’re in Cabo with kids who aren’t strong swimmers, make sure to use floatation devices and swim out there with your kids. One strong wave can pull them under and threaten their safety in Cabo San Lucas. Always pay attention to the colored flags on the beach, which indicate current water conditions.

Whether you’re concerned about Cabo San Lucas swimming safety or common theft around town, following these Los Cabos warnings will help keep your family vacations safe and enjoyable. No matter where you go in the world, exercise caution and be aware of what’s going on around you. While danger can arise anywhere at anytime these days, the officials in Los Cabos will do their best to guarantee your safety and help when trouble comes.

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