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Medano Beach Receives Blue Flag Certification

NEWS | Published on 25/09/2020
Optimizada blue flag certification for medano beach

It’s not just those throwing a frisbee or taking a sunset stroll who love Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas. This large stretch of sandy shoreline has garnered international attention and awards for its cleanliness and the community’s dedication to preserving it. Once again, Medano Beach is one of the Cabo San Lucas beaches that has received Blue Flag certification. What are Blue Flag beaches? They’re some of the best beaches in the world that are community gathering places where nature is respected and preserved. As one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas, it’s no surprise that Medano Beach has once again earned this title.

What are Blue Flag Beaches?

The Blue Flag Program was founded in 1987, and since then, the organization has promoted the preservation of the world’s best beaches through education, information, monitoring, management, and safety. To become a Blue Flag beach, a site must meet 33 criteria points, like having posted information about the environment, the layout of the beach, and preservation efforts. The signage is managed by the local community, and to make sure the beach is accessible, there must be public restroom facilities and access points for people with disabilities. To make sure the natural flora and fauna are preserved and that all rules are enforced, the program regularly checks up on beaches, which makes being a Blue Flag beach an honor.

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

A few different Cabo San Lucas beaches have received Blue Flag certification, the largest of which is Medano Beach. Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas is a favorite spot for locals and visitors, and when you visit the beach, you’ll see families splashing in the waves, adults laying out with good books, and kids throwing frisbees. Because it’s one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas, maintaining its cleanliness and natural environment is vital to the community. When you walk along the beach, you’ll see signs about sea turtles and tropical birds, and at the public entrances, garbage is sorted by organic and inorganic. These efforts have earned Medano Beach its Blue Flag certification and make it a place where families and friends create priceless memories. 

Medano Beach Resorts

An important part of receiving and maintaining Blue Flag certification are the Medano Beach resorts that work to help preserve the beach and enforce visiting rules. Villa del Palmar Cabo is one of the largest Medano Beach resorts, and the stretch of beach in front of it is a Blue Flag beach with its own individual certification as Medano Beach Villa del Palmar. When you stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo, you’ll have direct access to one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas and know that your resort is playing a vital role in caring for the community.

Most travelers experience the beauty and tranquility of Cabo San Lucas beaches without ever knowing what are Blue Flag beaches, but the most important part of this certification isn’t the recognition or fame but the on-going efforts to protect the beaches and keep them accessible to the public. When you vacation at Villa del Palmar Cabo, you’ll be able to see how the community is working to make sure Medano Beach is a primer destination for visitors and the local wildlife who call it home.

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