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Toasting to the Desert Spa's Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Win

NEWS | Published on 25/08/2023
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Nestled within the sun-kissed paradise of Los Cabos, Mexico, lies a sanctuary that has garnered not only the attention of relaxation seekers but also the esteemed recognition of the travel industry. The Villa Group Resorts is thrilled to announce that the Desert Spa, a serene haven in the heart of Baja California Sur, has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

A Glance at the Award's Prestige

The Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award is no ordinary accolade. It stands as a testament to excellence, authenticity, and unmatched service. Chosen based on the invaluable feedback of those who matter most - the guests - this award resonates deeply within the travel community. It reflects a consistent commitment to providing exceptional experiences, making it a true badge of honor reserved only for the top 10% of establishments in the world.

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Echoes of Guest Delight

What truly sets this Los Cabos spa apart is the genuine admiration echoed through the heartfelt words of its visitors. Countless reviews paint a vivid picture of pampering, rejuvenation, and an escape from the ordinary, making this the best spa in Cabo San Lucas according to Tripadvisor rankings. From soothing massages that transport you to a realm of relaxation, to rejuvenating treatments that nurture both body and soul, the Desert Spa consistently captivates its guests.

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One of the Only Cabo Spas to Offer Hydrotherapy

When you step into the serenity of this Cabo spa, you are met not just with genuine hospitality, a serene ambiance, and a menu of scintillating spa experiences, but you are enveloped in top-tier facilities that include an extensive 10-station hydrotherapy circuit that enhances each and every spa experience. By alternating between hot and cold water stations, guests receive the full benefits of their Cabo San Lucas spa visit. 

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A Serene Backdrop for the Los Cabos Spa

Perched on the breathtaking shores of Cabo San Lucas, the Desert Spa is strategically located to offer a backdrop of stunning vistas. Los Cabos' alluring blend of desert landscapes, turquoise waters, and golden beaches provides the perfect setting for this oasis of indulgence. As you step into the spa, you'll find yourself cocooned in luxury, embraced by the serenity that only nature can offer.

A Synergy of Serenity: Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa

The Desert Spa finds its home within the resort complex that includes Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa, seamlessly melding luxury accommodations with an unparalleled wellness experience. The resort's commitment to excellence and the dedication to rejuvenation at the Cabo San Lucas spa come together to create an irresistible haven for travelers seeking both opulence and tranquility.

Explore the award-winning Desert Spa experience and discover the pinnacle of relaxation in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. Your journey towards rejuvenation starts here, at the best spa in Cabo San Lucas, a haven that stands tall as a recipient of the 2023 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

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