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Cabo Travel Tips (Post COVID-19)

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 19/11/2021
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After months of quarantining, there’s nothing more refreshing than a beach vacation, and with the low numbers of COVID cases in Cabo San Lucas and the city’s firm commitment to health and safety protocols, Cabo continues to be paradise. In the “new normal” of the world, there are some updated safety tips for traveling to Cabo San Lucas to keep in mind that will help you experience relaxing days and nights in the city. With these Cabo travel tips, you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime.

Cabo San Lucas Travel Restrictions

During the pandemic, there were never official travel restrictions to Cabo San Lucas, but there were a number of canceled flights and closed businesses in the first months. During this time, the city was able to research and implement strong health and safety protocols, which helped keep Cabo San Lucas safe though the peak of the pandemic. The Mexican government has created a stoplight system of restrictions, and Cabo San Lucas currently has the green light, which means that non-essential activity have resumed and that businesses are open. Additionally, the city has earned Sharecare health security verification by meeting a long list of stringent criteria for health protocols.

Covid Testing to Return to the US

While there are no travel restrictions to Cabo San Lucas, travelers are no longer required to get tested for COVID to return home to the US and Canada.

Cabo Travel Safety Tips

To protect your own health and keep Cabo San Lucas safe for locals and other travelers, it’s important to follow guidelines for health and sanitation. When you’re in public spaces, it is not mandatory to wear a face mask, but it’s important to use the hand sanitizer that’s readily available wherever you go. Thankfully, activities like snorkeling, hiking, and paddleboarding are the perfect ways to explore the area without being surrounded by lots of other people. 

General Safety Tips for Traveling to Cabo San Lucas

Even with tourism returning to normal, there are a few important general safety tips for traveling to Cabo San Lucas. While the city has very low crime rates, it’s best to avoid carrying large amounts of cash or flaunting expensive jewelry when you’re out and about. One of the most important tips is to reapply your sunscreen every two hours when you’re outside and to drink plenty of water so that you don’t end up stuck inside, exhausted while nursing a sunburn.

As you jet off once again to Cabo San Lucas, it’s important to keep both the new and the old safety rules in mind. By following common sense and respecting all guidelines, you’ll be able to dive into the ocean and bury your toes in the sand without a worry on your mind.

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