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Covid Testing Requirements for Travelers

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 02/02/2021
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After a year of quarantining, travelers are setting their sights on foreign destinations and sandy beaches, and while there are no new Mexico travel restrictions 2022, there are new COVID travel restrictions in other countries to be aware of as you plan your next beach vacation. The US and Canada are now requiring both citizens and foreigners to present a negative COVID test to travel into their borders. This new travel restrictions update has led to a flurry of new questions: Do I need a COVID test to fly? What Kind of COVID test do I need to travel? What’s the difference between antigen and PCR test options? Is Cabo San Lucas safe to travel? While these questions about the safety measures may feel overwhelming, navigating the COVID-19 updates and getting a Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus test is simple, and you can still enjoy splashing on the beach and dining on fresh Mexican seafood this year.

Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly?

The latest COVID travel restrictions apply to international flights and travelers crossing borders, so if you’re taking a domestic flight, you don’t need to ask “Do I need a COVID test to fly?” At this point, individual airlines are only following the PCR or antigen COVID test result requirements put in place by specific countries, so these new COVID-19 updates and safety measures apply to both citizens and foreigners crossing in the United States and Canada, and the only exception are those who have recovered recently from the virus. Because the current Mexico travel restrictions 2022 don’t include presenting test results upon entering Mexico, you won’t need to get tested before your Cabo San Lucas vacation.

What Kind of COVID Test do I Need to Travel?

There are two main types of COVID tests, and to answer the question “What kind of COVID test do I need to travel?”, it’s important to know the difference between antigen and PCR test options and your country’s requirements. Canada currently requires a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, and the US is accepting results from either a NAAT test, which includes PCR testing, or a viral antigen COVID test. While there is a price difference between antigen and PCR test options, there’s also a difference in the time it takes to get results. PCR tests typically take 2-3 days, but a viral antigen COVID test can deliver results in just a few hours. Regardless of which travel COVID testyou get, you must have the test administered within 72 hours of your departing flight to comply with the COVID travel restrictions. If you’re heading to either Canada or the United States and need a COVID test to travel, be sure to book your test in advance so that you have everything ready in time for your flight.

What COVID Test do I Need to Travel if I Recently Recovered from the Virus?

You don’t need a COVID test to travel if you’ve recently recovered from the virus and are traveling to the United States. World health experts do not recommend taking the test within three months after recovery, so to enter the US territory with the new travel restrictions update, you’ll be able to use written or electronic Documentation of Recovery: a copy of your original positive test results and a note clearing you for travel from your physician written on official letterhead with their name, address, and phone number. With this documentation, you do not need an additional travel COVID test, but you should still abide by all local and federal safety measures. Canada makes no exceptions.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe to Travel?

Because there are no new Mexico travel restrictions 2022 and Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus numbers are staying low, the city remains open to visitors. There’s a variety of Cabo San Lucas safety warnings and preventive protocols in place, from disinfecting commonly touched surfaces to limiting capacity in public spaces, and abiding by these guidelines will protect your health and keep Cabo San Lucas safe to travel. While these Cabo San Lucas safety warnings and measures make vacation a little different, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that make this city a popular destination for families from all over the world, and when it’s time for your Cabo San Lucas Coronavirus test, you’ll have plenty of options for where to get tested.

While all the different COVID-19 updates and the new travel restrictions update may feel overwhelming, getting your travel COVID test is a simple process, and if you follow all the Cabo San Lucas safety warnings and preventive measures, you’ll be able to protect your health while having a safe and exciting vacation. Rather than canceling your trip, discover ways to travel safely while embracing the excitement of a trip to Cabo.

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