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Villa del Palmar Cabo Receives Punto Limpio Quality Seal

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 01/12/2020
Optimizada villa del palmar cabo receives punto limpio quality seal

Villa del Palmar Cabo has been doing everything it can to ensure guests visiting the beachfront resort stay safe during their vacation, and while health and sanitary protocols are being instituted all over the popular tourist destination, the efforts of the hotel have stood out, earning it recognition from the Mexican government and the Punto Limpio Mexico Seal of Quality. The award recognizes the continued priority the resort has placed on following the top recommendations for preventive measures when it comes to health and sanitation. While the luxurious accommodations and extensive amenities give you plenty of reasons to vacation at Villa del Palmar Cabo, this safe certification gives you confidence when booking your trip that you’ll be in good hands during your stay.

The Punto Limpio Mexico Seal of Quality is a national certification from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and the goal is to promote the health and safety of not just visitors but also the staff and community who make the country one of the top destinations in the world. To earn the quality seal, businesses must have the recommended preventive measures consistently implemented throughout all areas. From the training of managers and employees to the dining areas and spa, every aspect of a business is evaluated to earn the government’s safe certification. If there’s a clean point that isn’t met in the fitness or business center of a resort, they will not earn the Punto Limpio Quality Seal.

Villa del Palmar Cabo has been a community leader when it comes to setting the standard for health and sanitation. Before entering the resort, all employees and guests pass a clean point check where their temperatures are taken and shoes and hands are disinfected. Throughout the resort, you’ll see plexiglass dividers at check in and reminders about social distancing on display. While you may not notice the continual disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces or the freshly laundered uniforms employees are given at the start of their shift, all these practices are designed to protect you and the local community from the spread of disease, and these practices have earned the resort a quality seal from several organizations, including the Safe Travels Stamp and the Punto Limpio Mexico Seal.

While all these clean point checks and safe certification standards aren’t what you typically think about when booking a beach vacation, you’ll notice a few differences while you’re splashing in the pool or dining on bold Mexican flavors while watching the sunset. Knowing that the resort has earned this seal of quality gives you less to worry about so that you can enjoy all your favorite Cabo activities, many of which get you out in the fresh air and allow you to practice social distancing. Fill your Cabo vacation with scuba diving, ziplining, and hiking to incredible views.

This quality seal gives you one more reason to make Villa del Palmar Cabo your destination in Mexico. Not only will you have all the comforts and amenities to have a luxuriously relaxing vacation, but you’ll also be able to trust that your resort is doing everything it can to protect your safety and the health of the community. With the Punto Limpio Seal of Quality, Villa del Palmar Cabo continues to be a leader in the tourism industry when it comes to cleaning and sanitation protocol.

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