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The Best Types of Wedding Flowers

WEDDINGS | Published on 20/04/2022
Optimizada wedding decoration ideas

When it comes to planning a wedding, the floral arrangements and bouquets play an important part in creating the overall ambiance and style. Whether you’re wanting classic romantic roses or lush greenery, the options for types of wedding flowers are seemingly endless, and after scrolling through pictures of popular wedding flowers, you’ll start to gravitate towards certain types. Knowing the names of the blossoms you love will help you communicate your vision to your wedding florist.


Roses are the most classic choice for a wedding flower bouquet, but even if you’re not wanting traditional types of wedding flowers, there are unique varieties of roses you can incorporate into floral arrangements. When you see all the colors and sizes, you’ll understand why roses are the most popular wedding flowers.


Peonies are fluffy and dreamy seasonal flowers, typically blooming primarily in May, perfect for early summer weddings, and the colors are endless. Because of this, they’re one of the more expensive types of wedding flowers, so rather than choosing them for wedding arch flowers, keep them in your bouquet or head table floral arrangements.


While you’ve probably never heard of ranunculus, they’re one of the most popular wedding flowers, commonly used as fillers among other wedding arch flowers and floral arrangements. Their dense and ruffly petals add some pomp and movement to designs.


Dahlias are some of the most versatile wedding decoration ideas. Their large blossoms and variety of colors make them popular wedding flowers, and without the higher sticker price of peonies, they’re the best wedding flowers when you’re on a budget but don’t want to skimp on the drama of grand blossoms.


For more classic wedding decoration ideas, hydrangeas are a chic choice, especially for table arrangements at spring weddings, even though these seasonal flowers can even be found in early fall. Their dusty blues, pinks, and white have an antique look that’s truly romantic.


While you’re probably familiar with the classic tulip, a wedding florist can point you towards other varieties that are truly elegant choices for a wedding. While some have sleek petals, others are frillier, making them a versatile choice for different wedding styles. Because they are seasonal flowers, they’re a budget-friendly choice between March and May.


If you’re planning winter nuptials, consult with a wedding florist to find seasonal flowers that will help cut down the cost of all your wedding decoration ideas. Amaryllis typically begin blooming in December, and with their pink, white, red, and peach shades, they can be incorporated into any wedding flower bouquet.


With their delicate white blossoms, paperwhites are also seasonal flowers for winter weddings that can be added to greenery and other wedding arch flowers. Since they bloom between late fall and early spring, they’re one of the best wedding flowers throughout the winter months.

Before meeting with your wedding florist, read and learn about the different options, and consider what you want in terms of your wedding flower bouquet compared to what you want the table decorations to look like. With this in mind, you and your florist will find the best wedding flowers for your day.

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