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How to Keep Kids Entertained on your Wedding Day

WEDDINGS | Published on 04/05/2021
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Inviting children to a wedding is a special way to include even the littlest members of your family and friends in the day, and it makes attending the wedding more convenient for parents. However, having kids at weddings poses some challenges. Boredom and tantrums can add undue stress to your guests, but by coming up with a plan for how to keep kids entertained at a wedding, you’ll have happy and well-behaved children throughout the day. 

1. Provide Wedding Activities for Kids During the Ceremony

Ceremonies are not the most exciting for kids and their short attention spans. When guests arrive and pick up their programs, pass out special booklets with wedding activities for kids. Include bridal coloring pages, wedding-themed word searches, mazes connecting the couple to each other, and other activities for keeping kids busy at weddings. To help minimize fussing, you can also pass out little baggies of snacks or sweets to tide them over during the ceremony until the reception.

2. Food Ideas for Children at Weddings

Kids at weddings probably aren’t going to be thrilled with fine cuts of meat and roasted vegetables, so preparing a simple and delicious menu for them is one of the most important ideas for children at weddings. With your caterer, design a kids’ menu, and you’ll likely save on the overall food cost. 

3. Hire Professional Childcare

If you’re struggling to figure out how to keep kids entertained at a wedding, hire a professional. Hire a babysitter or two to keep kids occupied in another area, and parents will be free to dance and party the night away. While this will be an additional cost, it’ll put your guests at ease and keep kids from causing outbursts as the night goes on, and they’ll probably have their own games and ideas for children at weddings.

4. Line up an Entertainer for Keeping Kids Busy at Weddings

To make your wedding a hit with families, a professional entertainer is the best idea for keeping kids busy at weddings. Balloon artists, magicians, and performers will put on a show that will enchant children, giving them a special night they’ll remember forever. You can likely find wedding entertainment ideas online or ask your wedding planner or venue coordinator.

5. Create a Craft and Game Room with Wedding Activities for Kids

As the music starts to play and the night gets later, kids will want their own area to play, and finding a venue where you can set up a craft and game room will make your wedding family friendly. If you hire childcare or an entertainer, this will be the perfect area for them, and you can fill it with crayons, board games, building blocks, and other wedding entertainment ideas and games.

6. Provide a Safe and Secure Napping Area

Kids at weddings will likely want to head to bed before the party’s over. When the night gets later, you can convert the craft and game room or another space into a quiet area for napping. Invite parents to bring blankets and pillows to put here ahead of the ceremony, and ask someone to keep an eye on the room. If someone wakes up fussy, they can help locate the parent.

Taking time to plan out how to keep kids entertained at a wedding will save you from the stress of kids running around and getting bored or upset. These wedding entertainment ideas range from simple activities to live entertainment.

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