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2024 Wedding Trends Made Easy in Mexico

WEDDINGS | Published on 24/04/2024
Optimizada beach weddings trends

Every year, the “it” thing to do at your wedding changes. What once was popular, fades into the distance as new standards take over. If you’re concerned about keeping up with the 2024 wedding trends, celebrating your big day in Mexico should set your mind at ease. The following wedding trends in 2024 can easily be accomplished when you opt for one of the destination wedding packages on Mexico’s golden coasts.

A wedding in Los Cabos

  1. Bold Hues - Gone are the days of pastels, neutrals, and white and green weddings. 2024 is seeing a surge in bolder colors, especially those you’d see in a sunset-inspired wedding color palette. Poppy reds, magentas, and yellows also are taking center stage this year, and they all complement the beach settings and vibrant tropical flowers that Mexico destination weddings are known for. When getting married in Mexico, don’t be afraid to go bold. 
  2. Private Ceremonies - More intimate gatherings are on the rise, which means you don’t need to invite 300 people to your wedding day. Instead, opt for the serene settings and private affairs that come with Mexico destination weddings. While you can invite as many people as you want, choosing a destination wedding often means only the people who truly want to be there will follow you to the shores of your dream day. 
  3. Small Bridal Parties - Choosing who will stand by your side can be a difficult decision, especially if there is pressure to include friends, siblings, in-laws, and more. This year’s wedding trends are leaning toward less is more, and that extends to your bridal party. When deciding to tie the knot during one of the top destination weddings in Mexico, it will be easier to opt for petit-comite, which means including only the nearest and dearest in your wedding party -You may be interested in Cabo Destination Weddings: Packages, Venues and Resorts.
  4. Separating your Ceremony and Reception - While adhering to traditions can feel important, it can also complicate matters and take away from important wedding moments, which is why 2024 wedding trends are calling for a split between your wedding ceremony and the party afterward. When choosing among the destination wedding locations in Mexico, you can easily divide your events by celebrating each important moment on a different day. Not only will this give you the time to bask in the glory of your wedding ceremony, giving it the time and respect it deserves, but it will also allow you to change your vibe for the fiesta, a time when you want to let loose and not get so caught up in the formalities. The best destination wedding packages may even include different options, which will keep your guests entertained throughout their vacation.
  5. Ecological Nuptials - Going green is on the rise with more and more couples opting for sustainable wedding options than ever before. Rather than gifting a plastic box filled with candies, make your wedding favor a memorable souvenir your guests will keep forever. The outdoor wedding venues in Mexico’s destination wedding locations also make it easy to keep your decor sustainable. When you’re getting married in a natural paradise, there is no need to cut endless flowers for decorations. In addition, many destination wedding packages come with reusable decor that often plays on a natural theme anyway - Read more about The Best Types of Wedding Flowers.
  6. Drone Shows - Drone shows have been popping up everywhere and the good news is they are more sustainable, more customizable, and provide just as many awe-inspiring moments as firework displays and Chinese lanterns do. The outdoor wedding venues at the top destination wedding locations in Mexico make for the perfect places to execute this growing 2024 wedding trend. Rather than lighting up the sky with pyrotechnics that will not only pollute land and sea but also scare local wildlife, opt for a drone show. 

Wedding in a beach

The top destination weddings can easily be adapted to meet even the most difficult-to-attain 2024 wedding trends when you opt to tie the knot in Mexico. From sustainable outdoor weddings to diverse ways to keep your ceremony and reception intimate and separate, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for with the destination wedding packages in Mexico’s idyllic beachfront destinations. 

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