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Benefits of Doing Yoga on the Beach

WELLNESS | Published on 07/11/2019
Optimizada mental benefits of yoga

You can enjoy some of the health benefits of yoga anywhere in the world, whether you practice in your home or in a studio, but there are some benefits you can only find on the beach. Throughout Mexico, you can find a variety of yoga retreat vacations, but you don’t need to be in a group to practice on the beach. Create your own yoga vacation by taking your mat to the beach, and experience these benefits of yoga and meditation by the sea. 

Immerse Yourself in Nature

By stepping out the door, you’re immersing yourself in the serenity of nature, giving yourself more of the mental benefits of yoga. Being surrounded by views of the sea and the energy of nature can boost your mood and calm your spirit. Simply being on the beach can recharge your energy, opening you up to the mental benefits of yoga and meditation.

Improve Your Balance

Sand is much less firm than the floor of a studio, but part of yoga retreat vacations is challenging yourself. Finding your footing in the ever-changing sand will increase your balance, and while it may feel awkward to get your footing at first, improved balance is one of the health benefits of yoga you’ll notice when you return to the studio. As you practice in the shifting sands, take your time to secure your footing before moving into and through a pose.

Take Care of Your Joints

For some yogis, kneeling on a hardwood floor is uncomfortable. Practicing seaside yoga on vacation is the perfect cure for this discomfort. With the soft sand, you can kneel and sit with less strain on your joints, leaving you free to focus on your poses and meditation. This way, you’ll return from your yoga vacation feeling strong and relaxed. 

Breathe Deeply

Breath is one of the key focal points of yoga retreat vacations, and there’s nothing more refreshing than breathing in the ocean breeze. Taking in the fresh air and breathing out toxins are common health benefits of yoga on the beach. With air this sweet, you can deepen your practice with more focused breathing, opening you up to more mental benefits of yoga. 

Calm Your Mind

Taking your own yoga vacation can lift your spirit and calm your mind. The serenity of the sea washes away the stresses of daily life while the ocean breeze ushers in peace. Quiet your mind, and start to focus on your breath, intention, or matra. Doing so improves your outlook on life by shifting your perspective. As you practice yoga on vacation, you can relieve anxiety and stress, and while you can’t take the beach back home with you, you can work to maintain your center off the mat wherever you go. 

Practicing on the beach increases the natural benefits of yoga and meditation. From balancing on the shifting sands to breathing in the ocean breeze, practicing yoga on vacation has a variety of benefits, but even without knowing what they are, you’ll feel them deep in your joints and spirit.

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