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5 reasons you should be vacationing by the beach

WELLNESS | Published on 23/07/2019
Optimizada beach vacation facts

If you haven’t already heard, there are a ton of benefits of going to the beach. From the effects of sunlight to the much-needed minerals in the water, the benefits of the beach are far reaching. Health benefits of the ocean span further than you could imagine, encompassing elements that prove to be beneficial for your emotional, physical, and mental health. While you may not need more reasons to go to the beach, the following five beach vacation facts may just give you the push you need to break out the sunscreen, book your flights, and head to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. So if you’re wondering why take a beach vacation, read on and figure out why vacationing with your toes in the sand can be better for you than any other type of vacation. 


Many of the best beach benefits come directly from spending time in the sun. While beach health advocates caution about overexposure to harmful UVA rays, they rarely emphasize the mental health benefits of going to the beach. Exposure to the sun’s rays has been linked to higher levels of serotonin and overall happiness. If you are wondering why take a beach vacation, simply look at the beach vacation facts. People who get more exposure to the sun are generally happier than those who do not. If you’re one of those people who suffers from seasonal depression, this could be even more important for you. Not only is the sun responsible for many of the most important mental health benefits of the beach, but it is also provides a great source of Vitamin-D, an element that is vital for bone and skin health. When you sit out in the sun, your body absorbs UVB rays that are full of Vitamin-D. While you should avoid over-exposure, medical professionals recommend getting 10-15 minutes of unprotected UVA and UVB exposure to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of the beach


One of the most visible benefits of the beach is grossly understated. While millions of people pay big money to look younger each and every year, a cheaper alternative lies at the ocean’s shore. Seawater is known to carry some of the best anti-aging minerals you can find, making it one of the better beach benefits. If for nothing else, one of the best reasons to go to the beach is to look and feel younger. The minerals in the water help improve the elasticity of the skin, making it appear more youthful and tight. In addition, a combination of Vitamin-D from the sun and salts from the sea have been known to help people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. While this may not apply to you, the often overlooked health benefits of the ocean may apply to someone in your family or a friend your traveling with. The salts may help reduce symptoms that can plague patients with this type of disease. 


Some believe that luxurious exfoliation of the skin only happens at award-winning spas, but the reality is that the sand provides one of the best reasons to go to the beach. While it does provide an amazing playground for the whole family, sand has beach benefits that are good for your health as well. The tiny particles that make up sand act as a natural exfoliant for your skin. On average, you shed over 50,000 skin cells every 60 seconds, and while most fall away, some stick to your skin, clogging pores and decreasing the health of your body’s largest organ. For an inexpensive fix, play by the shore where the sand is loose. Indulge in the feeling of the sand as it massages your feet and if you truly want the health benefits of the ocean and sand, rub some sand over your arms and legs to gently exfoliate the skin and then dive on in for a refreshing cleanse. 

Fresh Air

The benefits of going to the beach aren’t just found in the sand, sea, and sun, they are also found just by breathing in the fresh air that eludes so many in other places of the world. As you sit back and enjoy the views, play on the shore and in the sea, and unplug from life’s responsibilities, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else. While it is always important to pay attention to beach health advisories, such as warnings about currents and harmful UVA rays, the fresh air will do you good even if you stay on shore and under an umbrella. 

The Horizon

Why take a beach vacation? The answer is simple. Much like the horizon, the possibilities at the beach are endless. As you look out on the horizon, contemplating life and the natural beauty that surrounds you, you’ll feel like nothing is out of reach. Likely one of the best mental health benefits of the beach, the sunsets that spread out along the horizon, the ocean waters that seem to go on forever, and the tranquility which consumes most beach scenes will leave you feeling renewed and ready for whatever life has to bring. Enjoy it and make it a point to visit the beach more often. 

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