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Tomatillos Restaurant

it is probably one of the top five restaurants in all of Los Cabos. Great concept (farm to table) executed perfectly (layered mason jar salads, served and mixed at the table and perfectly cooked steak) with perfect customer service.

  • Cuisine: Farm to Table
  • Dress code: Casual
  • Hour: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

(624) 145 7000 EXT. 518



Farm to Table at Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa

Enjoy an exquisite “Farm to Table” experience at Tomatillos, a restaurant that embraces healthy cuisine while still delivering bold flavors and mouthwatering platters. The diverse menu, which features an array of dishes made with fresh, local products, has options that will appeal to even the most discerning palates. Enjoy the outdoors or take a break from the sun under the pavillion, while enjoying mason jar salads, grilled delights, vegetarian options, and sensational desserts. 

Tomatillos “Farm to Table” restaurant is now part of the All Inclusive Plan! Our All Inclusive & Meal Plan Guests enjoy a 40% food and 35% beverage discount on items marked Premium.


When dining at Tomatillos “Farm to Table” restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, you can expect to find a host of delicious menu items that include organic, vegetarian, and vegan dishes bursting with flavor. Exceptional choices include our garden fresh salad jars, deliciously grilled dishes, and scrumptious side items. Our talented chefs utilize locally grown, fresh ingredients and creative combinations to bring you a truly unique dining experience and exceptional meals.

The Chef Tanya Diaz Castillo,
the Master Behind the Tomatillos’ Success

Chef Tanya Diaz Castillo leads the team of talented culinary artisans at Tomatillos, one of our finest Cabo San Lucas Restaurants. Her wealth of experience, serving underneath executive chefs Thierry Dufour, Alicia Gironella, and Thierry Blouet at their respective restaurants, led her to distinguished positions, such as her role as designer of the menus for Palacio de Hierro, TOKS, and Starbucks in Mexico. Chef Tanya is passionate about bringing guests hearty meals that are satisfying, healthy, and flavorful. Currently in her role as Head Chef of Tomatillos Farm to Table Restaurant she constantly employs innovative techniques and the most prominent culinary trends so that each and every dish delivers a mouthwatering experience. 

Our Chefs Tomatillos Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas
Atmosfera Tomatillos Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas


At Tomatillos, a rustic farm decor blends beautifully with the lantern lit pavilion and serene views of the Sea of Cortez to create a romantic ambiance and soothing scene for all those dining at the Cabo San Lucas restaurant. The gentle lighting and appetizing aromas add to the evening, making it the idyllic place for dinner with a loved one or a laid-back reunion with friends. 

Wine List

Tomatillos has a variety of premium national and international wines ideal for every type of meal. Ask you server for suggestions or pick your favorite red or white wine from the list to enjoy. When opting for the Cabo all inclusive plan, you’ll receive a 35% discount on all the wines on the list. 


Gourmet Dining


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