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Join the fun and excitement this September as Villa del Palmar celebrates the Mexican holidays in a way that gives you a real taste of Mexico. Our Cabo all inclusive resort offers a plethora of culinary experiences, theme nights, family activities, and more as a part of our Taste of Mexico plan in addition to the all inclusive resort package. But fret not, if you only have a room-only booking, you can get access to the Taste of Mexico plan at a special price. It’s nonstop celebrations and hotel activities all at your fingertips.

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Seas of Mexico
Let both your palate and heart sing with this gastronomic event featuring typical Mexican seafood accompanied by a Mexi-Latin Show. Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, these exclusive resort activities will tantalize all your senses. Come for the food, stay for the music and vibes.
Indulge in a wide selection of tacos from different regions of Mexico and live cooking shows by our talented chefs making tortillas, salsas, and other popular Mexican cuisine dishes. Find your favorite tacos or try some new ones because you are guaranteed to have regional tacos you've never had.
Are you a lover of food festivals? Well, you won’t want to miss our Chocolate and Mole Fest where flavors combine to delight your palates and senses. Mole’s variations are based on the region of Mexico it’s made. Try some or try them all! Don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding.

Have the time of your life at an authentic Mexican party. Dance the night away at this grand Mexican celebration. There will be many ways to experience Mexican culture including mariachi performances, buffets with Mexican cuisine, and other special activities that will give you a taste of Mexico.

Tequila Tasting

Tequila is a popular Mexican liquor made from the Agave plant and often served as shots or fruity delicious cocktails. Taste a variety of tequilas with a presentation from our Wine Specialist. Whether you're a tequila lover or not, get a taste of Mexico by enjoying exclusive resort activities.

Guacamole is a staple side dish in Mexican cuisine. People eat it with chips, tacos, bolillos, seafood, and pretty much any savory meal. Learning the technique used in Mexican culture is the key to using the right ratio of ingredients, and consistency, and you can't forget the molcajete, of course!
The perfect souvenir is to remake the recipe our expert chefs will teach you in this cooking class. Having the right recipe is one thing but learning the technique will determine how authentic it turns out. This culinary experience is not one to be missed! Your tastebuds will thank you later.
Have you ever heard of the infamous Chocolate Clams from Loreto, Mexico? Learn how to make your own Loretana clams with our Executive Chef. Loreto is known as the best clams in Mexico so take advantage of this culinary experience and the recipe to recreate it and impress your friends back home.
Kayak Tour
Venture out to sea on a kayak to see the Arch of Cabo up close and personal on your own or join a kayak tour if you’d prefer to kayak with a group or haven’t done it before and want to get tips on how to maneuver your kayak paddle to change directions and go back and forth. Get ready for some fun!
The best way to start relaxing is by stretching your body and muscles. Sometimes the tension from work and responsibilities causes pain to be stored in our bodies. So before you start your day of fun family activities, try stretching out the aches and tension with our relaxing stretching class.
Practice your balance while paddleboarding. Our animation team will show you how to paddleboard in the pool before you venture out to sea. You can start out kneeling and work your way up to standing. It’s both safe and fun. Try all the hotel activities people love and see how many you'll fancy too.
Volleyball is a fun sport but it’s more exciting when it’s water volleyball, also known as pool volleyball. Grab your friends or join up with other guests to face off in the pool. What’s a better way to cool off on a hot day while keeping active? Let the water volleyball championship games begin!
Pickleball combines parts of other games like tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Even if you've never played it, it's easy to learn and even more exciting to play. Vacation should be where you try special activities and find new hobbies and ways to enjoy yourself and spend time with family.
Experience the most exciting race as either a participant or a spectator. It’s quite thrilling to watch but even more fun if you also play. It’s simple, the higher the number on the dice, the faster you race. Enjoy countless family activities at our Cabo all inclusive resort. Are you ready to play?

The fun never stops when aqua aerobics also known as water aerobics is on the schedule! Move your body to the beat and improve your cardiovascular health in a fun and exciting way. These hotel activities are led by our animation team and they always bring the vibes and the best music selections.

Piñata Workshop
Piñatas are popular in Mexican culture. From children's events to Mexican holiday celebrations, piñatas are often hung at Mexican parties to hit at the end of events. The Kid Club team will show your children how to make their own piñatas. This will certainly inspire creativity while they have fun.
Do you love performances and surprises? Well, make sure you don’t miss the Happening at Villa del Palmar Los Cabos where our entertainment team gives a surprise performance. The schedule varies based on daily hotel activities but you can check with the front desk or concierge to find out.
It’s common in Mexican culture to enjoy glasses of freshly-made fruit-infused water. Enjoy refreshing flavors like Horchata, Hibiscus (also known as “Jamaíca” in Mexico), Tamarind, and other flavors based on local seasonal fruits and plants. Nothing is better to help cool down on a warm day.
No one should visit Mexico and not give dancing salsa or other Latin dances a try. And if you don’t know how to, you’re in the right place to learn some moves. Join this fun step class to dance to salsa, bachata, merengue, and other Latin music to take advantage of these exclusive resort activities!

Learn new massage skills or improve the skills you already have with this fun massage class. Our world-class spa offers incredible spa services, massage therapy, and exclusive resort activities and you can learn from one of our experts. They'll show you some of the best massage techniques and tips.

Bingo is an all-time favorite game that attracts all age groups.If you think regular Bingo is fun, wait until you’ve tried Mega Bingo! Whether you’re competitive or not, you’ll be surprised at how exciting it is to scream Bingo first and triumph over all the other players and become victorious.
The simple pleasures of fun outdoor games! Join the fun with your family or make new friends and form a team to see how long you can stay dry. Will strategy bring your team to victory or get you all wet? This is one of those family activities that will have you screaming or laughing with joy.
Do you love to boogie board? Well, if you do then this is one of the best hotel activities for you to shine. Whether you can boogie board well or not, you should still try it because the fun is worth the try. Plus you never know, luck might be on your side that day to bring you to victory.

Villa del Palmar is proud to be the Los Cabos all inclusive resort with the best nightly entertainment. Enjoy a show that combines the highlights of Mexican folklore dances and various joyous Latin music danced by our great animation team. What shows and special activities will you do or see first?

Grease the musical was first performed in the 70s, and later adapted on screen. It follows some working-class teens as they navigate the complexities of personal core values, love, peer pressure, and politics. Come and enjoy this classic musical of life in the 50s performed by our animation team.
This is a live performance of the musical, The Greatest Showman. Its story is inspired by the life and work of P. T. Barnum, a famous entertainer, and showman. This circus performance captivated people all over the world and now it's your turn to watch our artists perform the Greatest Showman live.
The classic story of the Lion King is performed live at the Tortugas Terrace Theater by our talented entertainment team. Have dinner and enjoy this spectacular show after. Watch as this well-known story is depicted and the animal kingdom is brought to life on our stage by beautiful performances.
Michael Jackson, an international pop star infamously named The King of Pop, takes the stage to present some of his great hits in this musical show. Enjoy your favorite Michael Jackson songs, choreographed by a great imitator and our band of dancers. Don't miss this tribute to one of the greats!
Mamma Mia! is a popular jukebox musical that is based on the songs of ABBA, a Swedish pop group from the 70s. ABBA is one of the most popular international pop groups of all time. Mamma Mia has been on many stages around the world. Come and watch our talented team do a rendition of this fun musical.

One of the most popular family activities is movie night. Enjoy this cinematic experience at this Los Cabos all inclusive resort and take advantage of the Taste of Mexico plan. Grab your favorite snacks, popcorn, drinks, or whatever you need to be comfortable and come watch movies on our big screen.

Kids just want to have fun and at our kids' pool party they'll do precisely that! And that’s why Villa del Palmar offers more than an all inclusive and added the Taste of Mexico plan to ensure every family member feels seen and has their own moment to shine and find joy via our special activities.

Did you find animal figures made with towels when you entered your room? They look lovely! Our housekeeping department will teach you how to make different animals using towels, leagues, and small ornaments, such as eyelets and slats. Have fun all together with some different family activities!

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