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As you plan your Cabo vacation, you’re probably dreaming of lazy days with your toes in the sand, tropical drinks with umbrellas in them, and exciting excursions around town. You’re probably not dreaming of logistics and figuring out Los Cabos transportation services, but being familiar with Cabo transportation will make exploring the city easier, getting you headed out on unique adventures with ease. When it comes to planning your Cabo airport transportation and knowing tips to get around town, this guide will have you ready for vacation.

Cabo San Lucas Airport Transportation

For transportation from Cabo airport, you’ll have two options. The quickest choice for transportation from Cabo airport is a private taxi. These are readily available and will take you straight to your hotel, but they’re not the cheapest Cabo San Lucas airport transportation option, costing over $50USD. The only other Cabo airport transportation choices are the public bus or arranging an airport transfer from your resort. While the Cabo San Lucas airport transportation that involves taking a bus will cost you just a couple dollars, it will stop along the way, and can become quite crowded with baggage. More often than not, an airport transfer arranged by your hotel is the way to go. As you plan out your budget, you’ll have to decide which mode of Cabo airport transportation works for you.

Private Taxis

Once you’re at your hotel and ready to see more of the city, taxis are a quick and safe way to get around. At every major resort, you’ll find several drivers at the taxi stand ready to drive you to restaurants, shopping, or tranquil beaches outside the city. From most resorts to the downtown marina, you’ll pay around 10USD per ride. This mode of Cabo transportation can add up if you’re planning on going out a lot, so plan ahead to make sure you know where you’re headed or opt to stay at one of the resorts on Medano beach that are close to town. Taxis are often the quickest and most convenient option for private transportation in Cabo.

Uber Service

If you’re planning on bouncing between activities and places, a more affordable option for private transportation in Cabo is Uber. With a few clicks on your phone, you can order a car to your location and pay securely with a credit card. One of the perks of using Uber is that you can share your ride location with a friend, and if you forget a phone or wallet in the car, you can easily contact the driver through the app. At this time, Uber is not a transportation from Cabo airport option, but once you’re downtown, it’s an affordable and secure way to get around or out of town. 

Public Buses

Public buses are the cheapest Los Cabos transportation services, but hopping on a bus in a foreign country may sound intimidating to some travelers. While it may not be as quick as private transportation in Cabo, the bus costs just a few dollars and some travelers swear by it, using it most commonly along the main road between the resorts and the downtown marina. The busses have their destinations listed on front, but if you’re unsure which bus to take, you can always stop the bus and ask. While most bus drivers speak mainly Spanish, they’re familiar with the names of resorts and areas around town in English. As you get familiar with the public Los Cabos transportation services, you’ll be hopping on and off like a local.

These options for Cabo transportation help you explore more of the exciting city and the secluded beaches of the Baja Peninsula. Depending on where you’re headed, you may opt for a quick private option, or you may want to save money and hop on the bus like a local. While figuring out transportation isn’t the most glamorous side of travel, knowing how to get around opens up your options for unique excursions and adventures.

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