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The Best Music Playlist for Your Vacation

There's a certain magic in curating the perfect vacation playlist before setting off; it's the secret ingredient that can transform a simple trip into an extraordinary adventure. It's time to embrace…

Published on 23.05.2024


10 Heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Amidst the commercial hustle surrounding Mother's Day, it's easy to fall into the trap of expensive yet impersonal gifts. However, this year, we challenge that trend! Instead of scouring store shelves…

Published on 30.04.2024


Must-Watch Movies for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Deciding what to do on Valentine's Day can be challenging, from jet-setting on vacations and reserving a candlelit dinner to recreating your first date or indulging in a shopping spree… However, if…

Published on 06.02.2024


The Vibrant Marigold Flower: A Symbol of Life and Death in Day of the Dead Traditions

As October arrives in Mexico, the vibrant orange and yellow hues of marigold flowers paint the landscape in anticipation of the Day of the Dead celebrations, which takes place on November 1st and 2nd…

Published on 26.09.2023


Fascinating Facts About Mexican Independence Day

Mexican culture is rich with history and vibrant traditions, and one of its most important celebrations is Mexican Independence Day. Often confused with Cinco de Mayo, this national holiday holds a…

Published on 01.09.2023


Best Time to Book a Hotel

While you are probably familiar with the popular hack of booking airfare during select days of the week for a cheaper price, did you know that there are also prime times to find the best hotel rates? …

Published on 07.11.2022


11 Tips to Take Advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Advertisements for Thanksgiving deals are starting to pop up on TV and social media, and as you make your list of what to get on Black Friday, don’t forget about the trips you’ve been dreaming of all…

Published on 31.10.2022


What is the Meaning of the Marigold Flower on the Day of the Dead?

One of the most representative elements of the Day of the Dead in Mexico is the marigold flower. But, what is the meaning of the marigold flower on the Day of the Dead? The marigold flower which…

Published on 24.10.2022


10 Mexican Holidays that you Must Live

Mexican celebrations are known to be some of the best in the world. The people love a good party and they pull out all the stops to make it happen, especially when it comes to the unique holidays…

Published on 15.09.2022


August 30th - International Whale Shark Day

Marine conservation efforts in the last few decades have brought a lot of attention to the importance of protecting the delicate marine ecosystem that is home to so many of the world’s species…

Published on 19.08.2022


Tips For Traveling with Kids to Cabo San Lucas

Choosing a Cabo San Lucas family vacation means an opportunity to create lifelong memories and strengthen your family bond. It also means you’re going to be traveling with children, an experience that…

Published on 25.04.2022


Difference Between Holy Week and Easter

The coming of spring fills the world with hope and new life, from snow melting to trees blossoming, and within the church calendar, the Easter Sunday date marks the arrival of spring and one of…

Published on 08.04.2022


6 Fun Facts about Valentine's Day

From romantic Valentine’s Day date nights to classroom parties at schools, when February 14 rolls around, spirits are lifted, and the world seems a little kinder. While it’s commonly known that this…

Published on 10.02.2022


11 Interesting Chinese New Year Facts

While most of the world rings in the new year at midnight on December 31, Chinese traditions are a little different and based on ancient practices and the Chinese lunar calendar. While most people…

Published on 28.01.2022


Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

It has likely been a little more than a week since you made your New Year’s resolutions 2022, and if you are like most people, you’ve probably already let a few of your items fall to the wayside. It…

Published on 18.01.2022


Best Destinations for Family Vacations in Mexico

Family vacations in Mexico are the ultimate opportunity to spend quality time together while immersing yourself in another culture and learning about the world, and while many travelers visit Los…

Published on 10.01.2022


Your Perfect Vacation Destination by Zodiac Sign

Tropical beaches, distant mountains, and luxury spas are all dream vacations to go on at some point, but one person’s ideal getaway may be completely different from someone else’s. While some…

Published on 31.12.2021


New Year's Eve: Traditions, Resolutions & Activities

The end of a year and the anticipation of what’s to come is reason to celebrate, and a trip to Cabo San Lucas with all the different things to do on New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to reflect on the…

Published on 15.12.2021


Should Travelers Cancel their Vacation to Mexico?

With all the uncertainty and changes of the year, you’ve probably had several questions and worries, and if you’re a traveler, some of the biggest have probably been “Is Mexico open for travel?” and “…

Published on 27.11.2020


How Do Mexicans Celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween in Mexico?

The Day of the Dead celebration is one of the most iconic Mexican holidays and traditions. Its decorations and customs are recognized around the world, and while you may be able to spot the colorful…

Published on 19.10.2020


6 Activities for Social Distancing on Vacation

After months of being quarantined, getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is important, and as cities around the world open up, families are starting to travel again. When you’re on vacation…

Published on 18.09.2020


The New Travel Trend: Workation and Their Benefits

One of this year’s biggest remote work trends is taking a workation. What is a workation? The workation definition is exactly what it sounds like: work + a vacation. Until recently, working on…

Published on 11.09.2020


Save Money: Guide for Traveling Cheap

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences, opening your mind to different cultures and showing you the wonders of the world. While it seems like you have to save for years to afford a trip…

Published on 13.07.2020


How to Make Compost

Gardening is a great hobby, giving you a chance to soak up the sun and sink your fingers into the earth. Whether you’ve already got a green thumb or you’re just getting started, one of the most…

Published on 04.05.2020


How to Make Antibacterial Gel at Home

One of the best ways to fight germs and disease is by washing and sanitizing your hands. When you wash your hands or use antibacterial gel, you’re killing the germs and preventing them from spreading…

Published on 06.04.2020


Discover what type of traveler you are!

Are you a traveler? If so, you’re in the right place. Let’s face it, any kind of vacation is a good one, but if you really want to make the most of traveling, take a minute to find out what kind of…

Published on 01.04.2020


Taking Festive Photos on Your Cabo Vacation

This year, capture Christmas in Cabo 2019 with festive holiday photos to share online or to put in the family Christmas card. With perfectly sunny Cabo at Christmas weather, golden lighting and clear…

Published on 31.12.2019


Taking the Best Instagram Worthy Photos on Vacation

More than a mug or magnet, vacation photos are the best souvenirs. They capture moments of joy and adventure, preserving memories that will last a lifetime. With social media, it’s easy to share…

Published on 05.09.2019


5 Ways to Pass the Time on a Long Flight

In this day and age, getting stuck anywhere without internet can seem traumatizing, but searching for things to do on a plane without wifi might seem extremely dreadful, especially because space on an…

Published on 29.07.2019


Golf Vacations in Cabo San Lucas with Friends

Whether you’re old buddies who used to play in college or current rivals who tee off regularly together, golf vacations with friends are the ultimate way to escape from work and daily life for a few…

Published on 11.07.2019


Staying Green on Your Cabo Vacation

When you go on Cabo San Lucas vacations, taking in the beauty of nature and spotting exotic animals in their natural habitats reminds us of how awesome our world is and of how we play a role in…

Published on 07.06.2019


Driving in Los Cabos

Driving in Los Cabos combines the mobility of finding adventure and the convenience of saving time and money, and having your own set of wheels can completely change your vacation. While driving in…

Published on 27.02.2019


Top Kids Activities in Cabo San Lucas

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas with kids allows you to experience the world through their perspective while creating important family memories. Cabo San Lucas has become a popular destination in Mexico…

Published on 05.12.2018


Reasons to Plan a Cabo Family Vacation

Sandy toes, sunkissed shoulders, full bellies, and smiling faces will look back at you for years from photos of your Cabo family vacation. Families can plan trips tailored to making their dreams come…

Published on 04.08.2018

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