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Water Activities in Los Cabos

DESTINATION | Published on 21/05/2019
Optimizada cabo activities

While the currents and waves along the Baja Peninsula make swimming difficult, that doesn’t keep locals and visitors away from the sea or from enjoying a variety of both exciting and relaxing water activities in Cabo. Whether you’re looking for a good work out, a thrilling ride, or a relaxing afternoon, throw on a swimsuit and head out to sea where adventurous Cabo activities await. As you plan out your beach days in paradise, make sure to include some of these Cabo water sports in your schedule for a trip you’ll never forget.

Cabo Flyboard

One of the newest Cabo water sports to make its appearance on the waves is flyboarding: riding a board that uses water propulsion to fly above the waves. There are several companies that offer lessons and rentals, including Cabo FlyBoard and Cabo Adventures. After a brief training session, you’ll be ready to fly over the surf, tilting your weight to dive and soar on the board. If you’re looking to get the adrenaline pumping, try Cabo flyboard on your next vacation for a truly unique experience.


Strap on some goggles and snorkel to explore life under the sea, a timeless favorite when it comes to Cabo activities. It’s also one of the best water activities for kids who are filled with wonder and curiosity about the sea. To help them get used to breathing through a snorkel, play with it in the pool for practice before heading to the beach. Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Beach are some of the best spots to snorkel in Cabo, spots where you can explore small rock formations and reefs where tropical fish spend their days. You can also try Cabo tours that take you to incredible locations and combine snorkeling with other water activities in Cabo.

Underwater Submarine

If you’re looking for water activities for kids who aren’t strong swimmers but are enchanted by the sea, go for a ride on the Cabo Yellow Submarine. Take in iconic views of Land’s End and the Cabo shoreline during this water activity, or go under the deck for views of turtles and fish swimming through the sea. This is one of the Cabo tours that gives the whole family access to exploring the underwater world.

Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is one of the Cabo water sports that is both relaxing and a challenging exercise. This water activity will test your balance and strength, but along the way, views of the open water and fluffy clouds drifting over the horizon will calm your spirit. To try one of the best Cabo San Lucas outdoor activities, contact Cabo SUP to rent a board and start paddling out to sea.

Sharks, Whales, and Dolphins

Cabo isn’t a favorite vacation spot just for travelers from around the world; it’s a yearly destination for humpback whales, whale sharks, and dolphins seeking warm waters. Watching majestic whales splash in the sea and swimming alongside whale sharks and dolphins are some of the best Cabo San Lucas outdoor activities. For a rush of adrenaline, join in on one of the Cabo tours that take you into open waters to swim with gentle and calm whale sharks, creatures who pose no threat to humans and will fill you with awe. One of the perfect water activities for kids is swimming with dolphins. This water activity is safe for kids of all ages in an enclosed pool and with cautious dolphin trainers overseeing it all, providing one of the best Cabo activities for animal lovers.

Cabo San Lucas outdoor activities are the perfect addition to make each day of your vacation a special treat. Whether you soar over the ocean on a Cabo flyboard or dive under the sea on the submarine, these water activities in Cabo will give you lifelong memories with your family and a deeper appreciation for our world’s oceans.

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