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Cabo San Lucas Airport Receives ACI Health Accreditation

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 04/09/2020
Optimizada los cabos international airport to achieve aci airport health accreditation

The Cabo San Lucas airport has been helping travelers escape to paradise while consistently enforcing health and sanitation programs throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, and because of their work, the Los Cabos International Airport has received the ACI Health Accreditation from Airports Council International World (ACI). Through these ACI health accreditation standards, cities around the world can monitor their airport health, and travelers can be confident that these airports are prioritizing passengers’ and staff members’ health and safety in standardized, established ways. As you plan out your trip to Mexico, you won’t have to worry about your health at the Cabo San Lucas airport as long as you abide by their certified guidelines.

Based on advice from world health experts, Airports Council International World has created an assessment for airports to monitor their health protocols: the ACI AirportHealth Accreditation program. The measurements used for the AHA program align with the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines as well as the ICAO Council, a United Nations Specialized Agency. Because the AHA program is based on such high health accreditation standards, it helps travelers know which airports are truly looking out for the health of those who travel through their facilities. 

Because the Cabo San Lucas airport receives hundreds of travelers every day from all parts of the world, maintaining high standards of sanitation was critical for travelers, employees, and the local community. The Los Cabos International Airport has consistently upheld strict cleaning and disinfection practices while promoting social distancing, even when that means altering the physical layout of staff and passenger facilities. This enduring commitment of fighting the spread of COVID-19 earned the Los Cabos Mexico airport the second ACI Airport Health Accreditation in the world, and it’s the first in all of Latin America. 

As tourism is resuming this summer, many families are taking a long-anticipated vacation, and from the moment the plane’s wheels touch down at the Los Cabos International Airport until the sea drifts out of view as you fly home, you can rest assured that the community is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment. Beyond the recognition from the AHA program, the city and even some of its resorts have received the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council, a similar award that measures how well destinations are applying preventive measures. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or heading out to sail the ocean, you’ll see these health accreditation standards applied throughout the Los Cabos Mexico community in a way that still allows you to have the vacation of a lifetime. 

Earning the ACI health accreditation from Airports Council International World recognizes the consistently strong approach the Los Cabos Mexico airport is taking towards the fight against COVID-19, but it’s seeing families and friends enjoy safe vacations on the beach that makes being a part of this community truly rewarding. When you fly through this ACI airport, you’ll be welcomed with warm hospitality, and as you experience the city, you’ll be amazed at the beauty and wonders of Mexico.

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