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What is the Advantage of Having a Destination Wedding?

WEDDINGS | Published on 08/03/2021
Optimizada advantages of destination weddings

While you may have visions of saying “I do” on a far-off beach, the practicalities of planning a wedding require some big decisions. For many couples, the first decision is between a destination wedding vs traditional wedding. If you haven’t attended a wedding on the beach in Mexico, you may not know all the advantages of destination weddings, so before you make any decisions, it’s important to do your research. As you browse all inclusive wedding packages and checkout beach wedding photo galleries, you’ll quickly see why destination weddings are better.

The Simplicity of Destination Wedding Packages

Planning a wedding can feel like an endless to-do list, but with the simplicity of destination wedding packages, the process becomes much easier. Most beach wedding resorts have experience working with couples in other cities or countries, and their wedding packages include everything you need for your dream day. Most destination wedding packages also come with the expertise of the resort’s wedding planner, and once you’ve selected one of the packages, they’ll help make sure everything falls into place.

The Affordability of All Inclusive Wedding Packages

As couples debate between destination wedding vs traditional wedding options, budget is one of the primary considerations. There definitely are some lavish celebrations on the beaches of Mexico, but there are plenty of romantic wedding ceremonies that fit couples from all walks of life. Beach wedding resorts offer a variety of all inclusive wedding packages to suit different budgets, and with all the inclusions, many couples find that the reasonable cost is one of the advantages of destination weddings.

The Vacation Vibes at Beach Wedding Resorts

The main reason why destination weddings are better is simply that they’re fun! Wedding ceremonies are a celebration of love, but the stresses of planning and bringing family members together can cloud the day. However, jetting off to a tropical destination and breathing in the ocean breeze infuses the week with vacation vibes. In the days leading up to the wedding, families and friends come together to sightsee and experience unique tours and adventures, and creating this atmosphere and lifelong memories are the best benefits of destination weddings.

The Intimacy of a Destination Wedding

When it comes to choosing between destination wedding vs traditional wedding options, you’ll want to consider your guests. For some couples, asking older relatives to make the trip or knowing that some acquaintances can’t make it deters them from looking into a destination wedding. However, with any wedding, not everyone will be able to make it. For some couples, this is one of the benefits of destination weddings. Knowing the cost and time commitment of traveling for the ceremony, some couples keep their destination weddings small and intimate, and you’ll find that your close family and friends will be more than happy to jet off to paradise with you.

The Priceless Experience

All these advantages of destination weddings create priceless experiences, and while any wedding will give you lifelong memories, a vacation with all your loved ones and a ceremony on the beach is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Your guests as well will cherish their memories of everything from exploring another part of the world to dancing the night away with you.

There are so many benefits of destination weddings, and each celebration is unique. As you explore your options and plan special touches to personalize your ceremony, you’ll quickly understand why destination weddings are better.

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