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Published on 07/11/2018

The Top 3 Spa Treatments for Men

The Top Spa Treatments For Men Vdp Lc

A trip to the spa isn’t just a luxurious indulgence for the ladies. It’s a time for gentlemen to receive therapies and services that will increase their own physical and mental wellbeing. With treatments made just for men, some Cabo San Lucas spas provide an oasis for men of all ages to relax and feel their bodies rejuvenate. The best spa treatments for men cater to the specific needs of the male body, making a trip to the spa for men a way to alleviate physical stress and replenish the natural health of skin.

The Cabo San Lucas Desert Spa is the largest, award-winning spa in the state of Baja California Sur. With its extensive facilities, private jacuzzis, and full-service beauty salon, it offers a wide array of services from highly-trained clinicians in a tranquil environment. Whether you spend your vacation relaxing by the pool or adventuring on the sea, the restorative practices of the spa clinicians will leave you feeling peaceful and whole. While many men accompany their partners to the spa for a day of romance, men only spa treatments are a way for gentlemen to relax with some alone time while getting treatments specifically designed for them.

One of the treatments that are great for men at the Cabo San Lucas Desert Spa is the Deluxe Hand Grooming for Men. Rather than a traditional feminine manicure, this treatment at the spa for men will cleanse away the roughness the accumulates from being active and working for a more professional and healthy appearance. A natural buff and cuticle trimming will tidy up the rough edges, and a massage with our signature lotion will leave hands and nails looking healthy and natural. After a day of fishing or golfing in Los Cabos, choosing spa treatments for men like this is a great way to clean up for a special dinner by the sea.

Another one of our signature men only spa treatments is the Deluxe Sport Pedicure. As your feet are the base of your posture during work and physical activity, treatments that are great for men will make sure that your feet are ready for an active lifestyle. This custom foot treatment will polish off excess dead skin, where fungi and sweat can easily build up and cause problems. Spa treatments for men that take care of the nails and cuticles will help maintain the overall health of your feet and keep them looking clean for a day by the pool. Even though you receive treatments made just for men, your partner will appreciate the benefits of it as well when they see you looking and feeling good.

The Deep Cleansing Facial for Men will make a day at the spa for men a relaxing and truly refreshing experience. All the treatments that are great for men will purify your skin from the buildup of toxins and sweat that come from a busy and active lifestyle, and during this facial, a hot towel will do just that as you relax. As one of the best spa treatments for men, it harnesses the power of volcanic clay to refine your facial features and skin as a scalp massage eases away any stress or worries you brought with you on vacation. As one of our men only spa treatments, the facial will leave your skin hydrated and purified, which is especially healthy as you enjoy your days in the warm Los Cabos sun where skin can dry out.

With treatments made just for men, you can experience the luxuriousness of the Cabo San Lucas Desert Spa while taking care of your overall wellness on your Cabo vacation. Our signature spa treatments for men will make you feel pampered and taken care of within our tranquil oasis. With the best spa treatments for men available to you, you’ll walk with confidence as you explore Cabo and its beauty.